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Full Version: Insulating like a house
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In order to maximize space inside my cargo trailer (I know 8.5x20 huge anyway) and to be able to somewhat attach light objects to the walls and ceiling, I would like to know how to get insulation in between the 1 in thick joists. How would this be done?
One inch Polyiso sheets could be cut to fit between the ribs and either glued up are held there by the paneling. I have 3/8 plywood on the walls of my trailer and it holds stuff pretty well. You can also use sheet metal screws and go right into the ribs.
Bob's suggestion to use Polyiso is right on. If I recall correctly, it has the highest R-value for its thickness. I cut Polyiso panels and used double sided sticky tape to attach them to my Whynter refrigerator freezer. I used aluminum tape for the edges so they have a cleaner look. I think the panels make a significant difference in efficiency. They should work equally well for your application.
It's pretty easy to pull the top section of ply, in a cargo trailer, and slide in 1" styrofoam down the remaining four feet to the floor. Mark the position of the ply to be removed so the screws go back in the same spot.