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Full Version: working out minor issues...
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Vandwelling turns us into Mcguyvier clones.... I hate drilling or screwing anything into metal, dont care, how easy or what kind of screw your using, i simply dont like it... but sometimes its something that got too be done... well nay I say, nay, nay...
dont know why i didnt think of it before but JB weld makes a putty called steel weld, freakin awesome stuff! mush it around, press it into place, press whatever you need to put on your wall floor ceiling... and in 2 hours its welded there. just dont plan to remove it anytime soon without a dremel saw and a cutting wheel. ITs a product every one should have in their kits, right up there with duct tape.
There are things JB Weld won't stick to... glass for one. And certain plastics.
The idea of a screw or bolt is that it is removable.