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Full Version: Looking for a free campsite?
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Many do. I know of three, personally, just off the top of my head.
"why not work to improve and take care of publicized free camping sites with permission?"

Permission means .gov would be liable if anything happens either to the well meaning volunteers, or as a result of the actions of the well meaning volunteers.

There are .gov volunteer programs. They have a process. They have bureaucrats.
No permission required to pickup and haul out a bag of trash. I wouldn’t recommend doing anything more than that, as you may cause more harm than good.

I recently read a news article of a well trafficked hot spring. It was tested and found to have ecoli in it thanks to the hundreds (literally) of pile of human feces found around the area. Someone tried to “fix” the ecoli by inserting bleach into a natural spring... OMG. No camping permitted anywhere near the spring now. Of course.

Greatest help is to STOP spreading exact coordinates of free camping online and START spreading the proper etiquette of camping on public lands, and carry a few extra trash bags with you
(03-22-2017, 09:52 AM)MrNoodly Wrote: [ -> ]Which is the reclusive introvert's worse nightmare. Wink

"Oh crap, what if I meet these people and I don't like them and they won't stop being friendly???" Pure hell.
You read my mind

The Dire Wolfess
(08-25-2018, 04:01 PM)Moxadox Wrote: [ -> ]You read my mind

The Dire Wolfess
Maybe post a sign on the door of your trailer, no one will want to be friends :-),
"My Bark is worse than My Bite, but 
my 140-pound wolf dog likes it .... the other way around".

In response to the main topic of this thread, I think is a good resource. Especially for people trying to find an overnight campsite while on the road. There are so many sites there that I don't think there is a worry about people over-running them. As for the few special places that I've found on my own and that I would go back to, I do "not" plan to advertise them. 

Most youtube RVers like BW and many of the women, as well as VT on his blog, likewise don't give out GPS coordinates to off-grid sites. BW does indicate a few localities, like Ehrenberg, but you'd probably have trouble tracking him down in general. I was down in the Alabama Hills recently and have no good idea where he had actually been camping in the spring. Plus the area along Hwy 395 is so loaded with BLM and Natl Forest land, there's no need to go where he was in any case.
(08-25-2018, 05:41 PM)QinReno Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe post a sign on the door of your trailer, no one will want to be friends :-),

(08-09-2018, 06:25 PM)Van-Tramp Wrote: [ -> ]If you dont mind contributing to the overcrowding of the free sites, share away
While we all have the right to be there, it effects those locals the most.

I've been to a half dozen of the GPS sites on and I was the only person in visible distance.  This morning I did use binos and finally found a SUV camped over a mile away.  Perhaps this is because I choose sites that are farther out, higher up, etc.

Based on the trash I see, locals are more of a problem than GPS-following campers.  Campers generally don't drive across the state in order to dump queen mattresses, or bags of residential trash containing envelopes showing local addresses, or drive in with lifted 4wd pickups leaving cases of beer cans, boxes of spent shotgun shells and condom wrappers.  

I do agree that a productive response is to carry out trash one finds in a site.
(03-21-2017, 06:20 AM)DLTooley Wrote: [ -> ].Some places are better kept private or word of mouth

I know of a beautiful one on the shore of Lake Superior near Duluth that I'd be happy to share by private message.  It's definitely not suitable for high volume and would probably get shut down if too many used it.
I like the FreeRoam app. It has much better search features. And many more individual fields for more granular information. You can search for sites based on how good the cell signal is for a particular carrier... etcetera. It has really good overlay maps for BLM and National Forest land, plus coverage for all the carriers. The author is very responsive to suggestions. Finally, the author actually created a non-profit to control the product. That means he has to be completely transparent about his donors and finances.
On cleaning up a site, Laws can be funny in a sad way. If someone dumped a spring mattress in the desert 50 years ago, it is now protected as a historical item. Rusty tin cans, better leave them alone.
The antiquities act was put in place to protect historical artifacts, but the law goes way too far in my opinion. Why is a coin from 1969 a historical artifact? They made millions of them.

There are arguments both for and against publishing less known sites, but I think it mostly comes down to selfishness. I am not a real fan of the just us club. Just those of us that know about it get to use it. In some ways not posting a favorite site contributes to other sites being shut down. If the majority stick with the well know places, those places will get more traffic and trash and be shut down.
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