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Full Version: Buying a small plot of land
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I am looking at buying a few acres of 'recreational land', both to camp on short-term and to call home long-term. Ideally it would include some trees and a stream/lake/river, but I know that is asking a lot for my 5-10k budget. 5+ acres would be nice as well, but I know that too is tough (but possible) on the budget I have. I really have no problems hauling water in, and I can always plant my own trees so my plan is pretty flexible.

I am thinking about the area from I25, I70, I40, I15 (CO, NM, AZ, UT) in the 3000-6000 elevation range to (hopefully) be a year round place.

Anyone have any ideas?
Wishing you the best. Hope you find it. We might be looking for the same thing eventually, but back east in the Smokies, closer to the kids. This trip has spoiled us for Florida. Our budget is a little bigger and we need less land, but it's still not going to be easy.

Oh, yes, I have an idea. I recently ran across a TV channel that was auctioning land. An acre in FL went for about $5000. A small 3 BR house went for $70,000.

If you start researching exactly where you want to go, what the zoning is and what prices should be, you might get a real deal at auction.

You can start at:
We have 4 undeveloped, mostly chaparral and mesquite acres outside Deming, NM, which we got at a tax auction... well we got 5 1/2 acre parcels that way and then wrote to the owner of the adjacent 3 1/2 acre parcels and bought those from her. Tax auctions are definitely a possibility... The year we bought it, we were in the area and went and looked at quite a few parcels before the auction. has a lot of cheap land too.
I bought an acre in Arizona, 30 miles south of the Grand Canyon at 6000 feet for $2500. The hard part is county regulations!! It's rare anymore to find a county where they don't have severe restrictions.
I remember you mentioning your lot Bob, and I was hoping to pick your brain in Jan about it.

Thanks to the other as well, I am taking notes.
I bought AZ property that was deeded and legal. Just couldn't get to it. Goes for anyplace not just AZ, just saying so no one looses their money like I did
sounds like you need a helicopter for some of this land. I looked in Mid-northern Nevada. I am not quite ready.
Van-Tramp, thanks for the thread. It got me looking on CL and i see opportunity. Was planning to move to Arizona years ago. Like you, I want a home base. Water is the issue. Some of that area claims shallow wells at 30'. Other parts of state are 650'.
Red dirt, Pine trees, and rocks would suit me.
Seems that developing a well and it's cost would be the deciding factor for me.
Someone could go all in on a well and the adjoining property would be valuable. Noticed 10 acre minimum for sites on some listings but land was still cheap. Gets me thinking.
In recent weeks, have looked at people's RV'S which were sitting in one place long term, in one case, for 4 years. Unless you are ready to admit to yourself that you will need a big shed and will no longer be a minimalist, don't do it. There's something about having to be able to securely stow everything one owns to go on the road that keeps one's collecting under control. But the minute you spend too much time in one place, you start accumulating stuff. Before you know it, you will either be buried in your clutter or you will need a place to store it all.
so very true jean. highdesertranger
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