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Full Version: So What's Your Story?
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-Were you forced into this lifestyle by circumstances? Or see something coming and got proactive. And if so, did you come to enjoy the lifestyle?

-Were you just sick of the rat race and wanted another option? Rat race, keeping up with the Jones'es, the consumerism fog, the hamster wheel, etc.

-Anyone just get sick of all the time and money wasted on sticks n bricks home?

-Are you full time? If you aren't, do you plan on being full time?

-There is going to be good and bad with any situation, of course. Do you feel you've gained, or will be gaining, more good over bad? And why?

-Do you find that people embrace your choice or sort of look down/feel sorry for your situation?

Just curious, I suppose. I've been reading a lot, most stories about people living full time in their wheeled vehicles (in whatever form you have) and they are portrayed in a not so fantastic light. I am sure if you are forced into living, say, out of your car due to situations beyond their control, they won't look at the positives. And most, it seems from reading or watching videos, just want the chance to get back into the mainstream thinking of people must live in a house and get back on the hamster wheel. I want to hear stories about those who embrace it. I've only seen about one youtube documentary showing the positives. They are few and far between. In my own head just feel we are still being led, by news and such, how this is not a viable option that should be looked at in a positive light.

My story is, I am fed up with consumerism, hated all the weight on my shoulders with a house, see stuff coming in the future that will leave me homeless and trying to prepare for it, want to be somewhat mobile, leave a smaller footprint, want a tinier place, want to get back and feel nature again, and don't care what people think.
I have always been pretty minimalistic my entire life. Always rented, never cared to take on a mortgage... very few belongings, etc. When I bought my van in 2010 I was primarily looking for a way to escape civilization for a few days at a time (camping) and going to explore the country.

Through 2010 and 2011 I spent more time on the road than at "home". This put a big strain on an already strained relationship with my GF (at the time) of 18 years. By late 2011 we were well on our way to separation when she was arrested for Domestic Violence. The Judge would not allow her to live under the same roof as me, so I gave her the apartment while I got to go do what I wanted to do... live in the van. She was happy, the judge was happy, and I was happy. I've been full timing since.

I am infinitely more happy since making that choice. I am debt free, more social, and more active when I am living in the van. I have never cared what people think, and still do not (to a point). I've always lived outside of societies scripted ways so it is not much of a change for me. My family (Mother, Sister, and Brothers) thought I was losing it, but have since accepted it and even envy it to an extent. I am closer to them (and all my Nieces and Nephews), my son, and my Ex, then I have ever been in my entire life.
If I don't get everything sold/given away/settled and out of here By Dec. 31st of 2014, I feel I may roll up and stare out into space forever. Everyone I have stayed here for all these years can go to hell and make it on their own. I have self sufficient kids but needy relatives and friends. Screw everyone that can never get enough out of me.
One day while stuck in a traffic jam I decided I have had enough of cities. I like where I live, but summers are way too hot and after 40 years of living in the same town, it's time for a change. I'm now retired and have no family, so socially I'm the perfect candidate for this lifestyle.

I don't like the way our society wants us to be structured by having a permanent address, cell phones that are monitored, internet connections in your name also monitored, and the 9-5 job. The first thing I am going to do is pull the battery from my throw away phone and use it only for emergencies. My internet will be free wifi when available. I will not pay property taxes on anything. I will be an invisible moving target. I guess this is my way of protesting the current condition of this country.

Freedom IS important and it is disappearing at an alarming rate. Grab what is left of it while you can.
My best friend of 40 years decided to live in France, he gave me his van. I was retired and wanted more adventure. Found Bob's website and followed the instructions. Thanks Bob and everyone else who's ideas I used!!! I am fulltime and loving life and the freedom. I am totally free and at peace. Last Summer the Northwest-Winter in Quartzite and Imperial Valley-This Summer Colorado and Arizona. Looking forward to returning to Southern Arizona and the Imperial Valley this Winter. I am one of three million people living in a variety of vehicles and living free in the USA! Isn't that what we are supposed to do? Live free and be happy? I am filled with the wonder of Nature and Creation! My dog, Mr. Pico and I have the most wonderful life imaginable. Some of my old friends and family have put me aside, so I have found new friends and "family". Once you get a 'taste' of true cannot return to anything less!
Forced, but totally willing to have an adventure! Friend's wives don't want you to stay long, even if you"re sleeping in the van, and women on dating sites will hang up on you once they find out. So... Find out who your real friends are, make some new ones at the RTR, and Happy Motoring!
Loved my job, hated the nitpicking boss that came along with it. I've always loved RVing and have spent weeks at a time in a van or TT through the years. I was on a weekend trip to a KOA and spoke to one of the workampers there. Decided that it was the perfect life for me and a few months later I landed a job in NH. Almost three years fulltiming now and know I made the right decision. My friends support and even envy me at times. My Mother has stopped worrying about my current situation though still worries about the future. Everyone else is pretty accepting, they wouldn't do it but if I want to, why not.
Not fulltimers now, have a doublewide mobile home that's pretty nice and paid for, but in a cold climate.

We've done a lot of living in vehicles and are currently getting set up to take off in November for 4 or 5 months in the southwest with our two dogs, hopefully including the get-together at Quartzsite. (Never been to Q...) This may turn into more.

We're both writers, can live anywhere, can't live on our social security though it dos pay for most of the groceries.
I have always valued my freedom and learned this at a young age in the 60's. I would guess that 60's culture brought it to realization. I love directing my own path, never been one to take orders. Now that I am free from self imposed responsibility,(chose to marry, have children, a job, ect, ect.) and time is getting short, I can live my life as I see fit. God, I love the road!! I attended my first RTR in 2012 in a car and a tent and have moved up to a nice little Chevy van after witnessing from others as to how it is done. I spent the last year making preparations for full time and can't wait to get moving!! I love living with the least amount of stress, not having all that materialistic crap to deal with, just sleep, eat and wander. I dont need a clock as much anymore ( what a slave driver! )Whatever happens in between is meant to be. Thank you Bob and all the others I have met for showing me how to REALLY live life to the fullest! (Oh, did I mention I'm still learning and loving it.) So to answer some of your questions Theadyn, I have chosen this lifestyle and glad I did.

I can safely say I am sick of the rat race, working to give my money to someone else.

Yes, I feel I have gained peace of mind, which in turn promotes a healthy body.

I haven't heard much from friends and family about my choices, but it wouldn't matter anyways.
About four years ago I became interested in extreme minimalism and withdrawing from 9-5 society. I'm not full time yet, or even part time, but I'm working toward it. I'd like to live in a van or RV full time, but my partner of 17 years isn't interested. This has created some tension between us, but she is supportive of my desire to be more independent and take "vacations" by myself. We're paying off bills and saving money with plans to get a used truck and camper in the next year or so.

I'm also a writer, and love that I have the option of working wherever I am.
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