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Full Version: Bucket cover.
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In case someone's interested or in need of one, I found this bucket cover that screws on tight at Home Depot.
[Image: 52b73a752d270a6f37a1d985f9f52525.jpg]
[Image: 16697a13cba3fd15e756f7a83c36ebe4.jpg]
[Image: bb8ede29c1ea77bfb03d94ddf46e3e8a.jpg]
Cat litter buckets break down and fall apart. be careful what you store. there is a thread about these granny lids.
Been using these took a router to a cheap wood seat to fit on top comfy and 10 bucks.
We've had some of these gamma lids, like in the photo, for years and they are easy to use and hold up well.
The company that makes those is the Gamma company and they make their own line of square boxes that use those same lids. They come in a variety of sizes and are food grade. Their huge advantage is they are square and don't waste space. They are designed to nest on top of each other and stack so you gain vertical space as well:

thanks luis for the heads up. I use those myself. they work great, much better then the snap on lids imho. highdesertranger
My last trip to Home Depot I noticed they were stocking the spin on Gamma lids.
I've had the O rings break, but the rest of the lid is bullet proof. Just wish there were square homer buckets with gamma lids at a reasonable price.
66788, you can!!!!

The Gamma company makes a square container that uses the exact same Gamma lid on a square container. They market them as dog food buckets but it is food grade plastic so you can store anything, even water, in it.

This is a link to the smallest one but they come in all sizes and even different shapes:

Here's my blog post on how I use Gamma lids for a toilet.
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