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Full Version: Insulator / Vapor Barrier and Noise Deadener - EZ COOL INSULATION
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I have read many, MANY posts here and found that the general consensus is to use pink Styrofoam board…

2” Styrofoam / insulation have about an R value of 10.

I also read that great stuff spray foam helps to fill in the gaps…

Some also suggest you use reflectix / bubble wrap on the van walls to be a vapor barrier, quiet the squeaking noise while driving and just look spiffy (as it does nothing without a gap)…

Then there are suggestions for noise deadeners…

Anyway- I wanted a product that was a vapor barrier, noise deadener and insulator;

Guess what I found:

Let me know your thoughts!
At first glance that stuff looks pretty damn good!
Here's what got me:

Q: What is the R Value?

A: Down = 13 Horizontal = 9.6 Up = 8.1 This is better than 2" of fiberglass insulation.

+ Moisture barrier and sound deadener.

+ You can stick it to the van walls with some spray on adhesive and it's less thick then the standard pink Styrofoam.
It's nothing but Reflectix with a different inner core. It only has value against reflective heat and so it works exactly like Reflectix.

If there is no air gap, it is worthless as an insulation!

The closed-cell foam inner core IS the air gap, from what I understand. Basically a 1/4" foam board with aluminum on both sides. Should work well for it's thickness.
I don't think so. That inner foam is so thin it's R value is non-existent, less than R 1 I'm sure.

It says right on the FAQ page that it's insulation value is for reflecting radiant heat. And without at least a 1/2 inch if air space between the foil and the source of the heat (which in this case is the sun coming through the sheet metal) it has no Radiant value.

This website is deceptive and they are not telling you the whole truth. Study the Reflectix website because they are very honest and up front about what it can and cannot do.

This is the exact same stuff and I doubt if it is any better or even as good. I doubt the foam is better than bubble wrap.
What if I stuck this to the back of a plywood board and left a gap in between it an the van walls?

Think the R value they claim on the site would have more realism to it?

It does work as a sound deadener- saw a few youtube video's where the guy knocked on the van walls with and with-out the stuff stuck to it and it was much less 'tin can' sounding with the stuff on it.
CarCampire, yes it would hep with heat in the summer. But because the inside had no air space it would not help with staying warm in the winter.

Reflectix (and this as a clone) is a great stuff but it is not a good choice for van insulation. You would be much, much better off with Polyiso insulation (it's a better type of styrofoam) that is R6 per inch.

The pink stuff it is.

Might still use as a noise deadener though.

Sorry for the false advertizing everyone.

If it's a reflectix clone than I totally jumped the gun.
boy I am going to have to read this website again. I have it on my favs. the closed cell foam if that's what in there is an excellent insulator. it does not need an air gap. the old backpacking pads were made of this. I know you could lay those pads on snow then your sleeping bag and be comfy all night. bob I thought you said in previous post that this was excellent insulation, I mean the closed cell foam backpacking pads. I know I use it all the time and can say it is excellent. I will have to read the website again and see what the insulating material is. highdesertranger
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