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Full Version: Where you headed?
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Wondering where others are heading for during the colder months. We spend our summer's in the Pacific Northwest. Last two winters in the Florida Keys. This winter we're going to try Baja and take the ferry over to Mazatlan. Well, that's the plan for now. Who knows how the trip will finally shake out.
I winter along the Colorado River in Arizona. Mostly near Quartzsite but I'll go down to Yuma and up to Parker; maybe even Lake Havasu.

So you'll get an advance reservation for that ferry I'm sure. I didn't once, in high season, and enjoyed a week of boondocking and sand fleas in La Paz visiting the ferry office every morning waiting for a no show. Spontaneity has it's drawbacks ;-)
2014-2015-South Florida

2015-2016 North Florida via Blue Ridge Parkway southbound and Atlantic Coast Northbound

2016-2017 Padre Island Texas via Natchez Trace Parkway southbound and New Orleans northbound

2017-2018 Grand tour of the west 8k miles LV day after Labor Day via Black Hills, Yellowstone, Million Dollar hwy, monument valley, grand canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley to Arizona (RTR) then eastbound via Big Bend park and Hot Springs AR.
Panama, Costa Rica then back to Az.