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Full Version: Re: Free Overnight Parking
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It turns out it really is a conspiracy . . .

Here's a blog posting about how the campground owner's association has been lobbying local governments to pass anti-sleeping-in-vehicles ordinances:

The post mentioned an inexpensive site that tries to track places you can or can't sleep overnight.

Overnight RV Parking

Interesting read

Rver's have known about the ARVC for a long time.

Personally I prefer to use the FREE AllStays Overnight Parking instead of putz's version. I have found several that he listed as no stay that did in fact allow overnight stays (I even asked the managers about if overnight parking was allowed). Putz would not correct the listings after I emailed because I would not sign up for his pay version.

No matter which one you use, contributors are needed to keep these listings up to date. Overnighting allowed or not, post updates to the listing.

BTW, we tend to overnight at Sam's Clubs. We really use the membership for our normal once a month grocery shopping and twice a month I gas up the jeep there as it's normally the cheapest place in town. We've had a membership since 2006 (changed to a business membership in 2008, now a Plus ... the Pharmacy discount is a Godsend on the non $4/$10 prescriptions David was on, luckily down to one pricey script and we did use the free flat tire repair once), get in before "normal" store hours (7 am Monday – Saturday: snag a free cup of coffee for David and a bit of fruit or a danish for us both, also free) and have been told by store managers in TN, NC, GA, AL, LA, MS, TX, NM that because they are a members only store and only allow members (and their vendors) to stay in their parking lots, they are exempt from the town overnight parking bans. Must be true because we have spent the night in a Sam's Club sitting next door to a no overnight Wal-Mart several times. We also get a better night's sleep due to the quieter parking lot (we are often gated into the parking lot) and security patrols do keep an eye on us as well. Even in Roswell, where overnighting is allowed at the Wal-Mart next door (they share the same driveway) the lot was quieter than the Wal-Mart and we were the only ones sleeping at Sam's whereas there was at least 5 RVs and 3 semi-trucks at Wal-Mart. We spent the night at the Roswell Sam's three times. It's been our only repeat store.
That's interesting information about Sam's Club. Might make the membership worthwhile even if I don't shop there. Thanks.

It doesn't surprise me that the RV'ers know what the ACRV us all about, but I suspect most van dwellers don't know about it.

thanks for the info OP and compass rose. highdesertranger