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Full Version: American Nomad Documentary
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looks interesting... started it, will watch more later...
Can't watch. Content not avsilable on mobile devices. Have tomake a note about it an look at it when I get my laptop out to do my banking.
I just finished it. Very good. It was produced by BBC. The narrator went to the Slabs and other destinations out west. He interviewed a young family in a converted school bus, a young man riding the rails, a guy who has been living in the mountains in northern California in a tent for 25+ years, young rodeo cowboys. We all here can identify with these nomads to one degree or another..
Thank you for sharing the link. I really enjoyed watching it!
My smart phone won't show it either. When I get home I'll check it out on the PC. Another reason the cell phone can never replace a PC.
Just finished watching it. Lotta people far more adventuresome than I am. What I resonated with the most was the narrator's feeling for nature.
From what I'm hearing it is from the book of the same name. The book is very good!

Bob, looks like the same guy. He really connected with his subjects in the film. A lot of compassion for others. Really cool people who were all at different stations in life. A lot of diversity throughout with one recurring theme. The love of travel, outdoors, adventure and an unwillingness to be pigeonholed into society's expectations.