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Full Version: could have been worse.
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everybody should have a hide a key on their vehicle. did I say everybody, yes. cheap insurance. highdesertranger
Riffraff thank you for posting this. I too sometimes find that if something doesn't go as planned it sparks off a chain reaction of mishaps. As I embark on this new lifestyle as a permanent nomad, I'm hoping I can learn to deal with the inevitable gracefully and not let stress get the better of me. The responses here sure did help me a lot regarding the spare key issue and now I plan to have a backup for my backup for my backup Smile Good luck in finding your glasses or suitable replacements. I'm so glad you didn't lose everything else!
I agree with Highdesertranger. Everybody.
Because I am so often remote, I always have a van key around my neck that I rarely take off!

That's saved my bacon many, many times!! I recommend it as a practice.
The car I drove fifteen years ago could only be locked using the key. Needless to say, I never locked my keys in that one.
Wouldn't you know it??? Just 24 hours after reading and replying to this post by riffraff, I locked myself out! Good thing I had my spare ^^ Question for the gurus: How does one go about preventing a thief from finding and taking a hidden key?
(10-07-2014, 07:20 AM)Dandelion Wrote: [ -> ]How does one go about preventing a thief from finding and taking a hidden key?


don't hide it in an 'obvious' place.

this is why I put mine on top of a frame rail which is under the back of my rig and up behind the bumper.

Sure, if someone were to go clambering around under the back of my truck looking on top of my frame rails, they 'could' find it (heck, I even use happy coloured zip-ties which would make finding it easier)...but theives are lazy and looking for easy marks. This would simply take too much time and energy for them to mess with.

but for me...I simply reach under my bumper and find my hiden key on the frame rail, give it a good twist, and I'm in like Flynn!! Cool

Glad our advice worked so soon for yas!! Big Grin
HA! Patrick46, I know where your extra key is!, just kidding.
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