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Full Version: Catching rainwater
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Anyone have this set up already? Thought it would be cool to have a pop up type of rain catching system, for washing and such. Or boiling/sanitizing it for drinking/cooking use. Would be cool to have some type of fold out system to catch rain, filter it and funnel it into my holding tanks. Then sanitize the water for use. Or fill up your jugs. Something like this would work and you can fold it up and out of the way when you move. An awning a bit tilted to divert the rain into the barrel maybe??

Just thinking out loud.. Cool
Just make sure you're not catching city rain. Wink
I'd favor the awning method for van-dwellers. Funnel the water into a five gallon bucket through cheesecloth or coffee filter, then drip through a Berky filter into a clean container for use. If you don't trust it for drinking/cooking, it would be fine for bathing and running in the PortPotti.
Sure, this works great. It doesn't have to be anything more than a tarp that's spring clipped to your gutters with PVC tubes to hold up the ends and a couple of 5 gallon buckets. It'll cost less than $20 and you can catch lots of rain!!

If you are going to drink it I would probably want to filter it though.
yes I do this to. 2 years ago a rather large storm passed over us. caught like 50 gallons in one afternoon. highdesertranger
Be careful. It's illegal to harvest rain water in some states.
(10-05-2014, 05:46 PM)compassrose Wrote: [ -> ]Be careful. It's illegal to harvest rain water in some states.

I don't doubt that you are right. There are some places so out of touch with reality that they would try to repeal the Law of Gravity. But I was just wondering if you knew what the so-called rationale of such laws was? Just curious.

It goes back to the old western 'water rights' laws, especially in the more arid states. The municipal governments claim ANY water that falls from the sky as theirs 'by right'.
I know that Oregon & Parts of Colorado have those stupid laws.
As for Colorado it is illegal in the city & county of Denver only, at least that what I was told when I set up our collection system, and used it for 6 years.
I have also seen stories of Oregon putting folks in jail for collecting rain, (go figure .. they get plenty of it) I have never heard of anyone being arrested in CO. for saving rainwater.

It is a very good idea to filter the collected water, it usually contains ammonia, & geradia .
The ceramic filters will filter out these elements, the Berky or Pro Pure.

Since I am a little paranoid, I use reverse osmosis, and finish it with Ozone gas ....
(10-05-2014, 05:46 PM)compassrose Wrote: [ -> ]Be careful. It's illegal to harvest rain water in some states.

yes I was going to mention that. I know for a fact that it is against the law in Oregon. highdesertranger
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