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Full Version: Anyone near 18-30 on here? Also, facebook?
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Hi guys and gals,

Just looking for people to talk to that are the younger generation like myself (21) but anyone can chime in. I dont know why but i feel like im the youngest person on here haha prove me wrong if possible. I know alot of people on here are running on limited data connections but if someone has a facebook and would like to add me just throw names out there or pm me. It would be nice to have some new friends on here and my facebook, i dont get many requests XD.

If i am the youngest, please dont call me "kid" lol.
Sorry, I am one of those old codgers (not quite into geezerhood yet) who abhors and abstains from Farcebook, Tweeter and other such social media. Actually tried Farcebook once, but it was a very bad experience and soured me on the whole idea.
Not that I am a total neoluddite...... I am a retired IT professional. Smile
I'm in my 30's. You are definitely on the young side of this group, but there were a few in your age range at the RTR, most didn't stay the whole time. I do Facebook and all the other social media stuff pretty much.
I'm just a few months away from 40 myself, but I do use Facebook. I see it as a way to keep in touch with friends and family without having to put any real effort into it. That said, I have some personal rules for Facebook. Some apply here. Some do not. The most important one which does apply is that with very few exceptions I've made for a handful business or professional contacts, I know and have met everyone on my friends list. So if I ever meet you in person, I'll consider adding you to my friends list. It's nothing personal against you. I simply don't know you.
Sup brah. I just turned 27, so I sorta know your feels. Welcome to the forum!
If you punch my real and nickname into google the folks that show up are not me. I refer to FB as FC or Facecrook because it’s the best tool ever for law enforcement.

I have a fake FB account so I can spy on others.

I have never been arrested or fingerprinted or mugshot (drivers license photo is it) let alone convicted and without a photo for a LEO to identify me I fly under the radar.
Eh i figured i might be one of only a handfull of really young people on here.

And fake I only use it to keep in touch with my sisters and close family or my highschool friends but i also use it as a place to store my photos of...well... pretty much everything i take a photo of is on my facebook, its great for storing them. Im a big outdoors person and i fish any chance i get and whenever i find a real nice view of the mountains or i get a real nice fish, out comes the camera.
I'm 21 myself. I always thought I was the youngest too lol. Where are you from?

Haha. I've got you beat by 3 months so technically I'm younger lol. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one in my age range around here.
For my friends and family, we have this really neat system that works very well. It's called E-mail. Can send pics without the whole world seeing them. Works for us! Smile
I only text one other person, my hunting buddy. I do NOT tolerate 'text speak' on forums. Quickest way for someone to get tossed into 'the pit' (aka the Ignore List). Severe violations of the rules of written English result in the same. Keeps the headaches at bay.
Social media is eaten up with those who apparently never passed Third Grade English. So is Youtube. But it at least does have informative and funny videos.
Hey, I'm only 30 X 2 + 7....but I'm not counting, nor do I care what your age is, as long as you're a good person.

I have to go along with the others as far as fartbook and all those type of sites go. How can one call a person "friend" when they haven't ever met and don't know each other??

Email works great to stay in touch with those I care to keep up with and Photobucket does a wonderful job of storing my thousands of pics...and I can share them with those I want.

Come on down to RTR this year and you'll meet some great folks and make some lasting friendships.
I hope to be one of them Smile
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