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Full Version: Anyone near 18-30 on here? Also, facebook?
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This thread has been dead for awhile but I'm new so I'll post anyways, I'm 33, have a real facebook and a fake facebook, don't use either
21 year old here, off and on car dweller, no permanent home. Don't use any social media site, for political reasons.

Most other van dwellers I've run into are up in years. A good place to find young road warriors are Rainbow Gatherings.
"Up in years"... Those of us who are just call ourselves old farts Big Grin
I was 18 teen 30 years ago does that count an no don't do crackbook
I'm nearing 50 now but so much of the things which interest me are happening with young people in their late teens and twenties.  Make TV,  Instructables, Youtube, and various message boards where people "create" and "invent".   The Social Media isn't so much of interest to me.  Posting "Selfie's" and telling others that I don't know how cool they are and hoping they will do the same for me is, in my view, a waste of time and effort.   Again...that's just me. 

I grew up with one foot in the pre-internet era of what the older folks would call the "real world", and the other
in the emerging world the young folks would call "Cyber Space".   In my reading I discovered that nearly 100 years earlier Mark Twain was describing the same phenomenon in his life which he described as "the old days"
and "the Industrial Revolution".   He pointed out that modern men were trapped in the industrial revolution
(with their seniority system and perhaps being in debt)  to where they couldn't step back from it and go get
a new "perspective".  Twain was old by this time (died in 1910)  but he had traveled the Globe and gained a
view of the world others could only marvel at.   In those times most people would never travel more than
50 miles from their birth place during their entire lifetimes.

Perhaps this is why so many of the folks here are "old farts".  That and the economic down turn in recent decades that has facilitated so many peoples ascent into "hard times" and learning to cope while finding that
"new perspective" in their lives that Twain once spoke of.   The old folks have the experience to handle the task if they can rise to the occasion where the younger ones have the energy if only they knew what to do.
(so they don't just look like traveling vagrants to the LEO's and land in trouble)

I would suggest to any of the young Van dwellers to have a list of places that you want to visit on  your
itinerary.  Have a Map with a route marked on it and a list of places.  There are magazines and publications
that detail travel destinations.  These could be scenic places, museums, historic sites, events, and activities you'd like to experience.   All of these things can give a young person new perspectives in life.   Older folks can benefit the same too.
23 right here, feel free to shoot me a pm! That goes to anyone really I'm always down to make new friends!
I just turned 21 the other day, currently stationary in a van but looking forward to tent dwelling via motorcycle this year. Not many young people want to live a simple life or even see it as an option, many think they need a big house, new car and all the debt that goes with that. Most of the younger travellers I have talked to didn't actually chose the life but were forced into it and wound up enjoying it. I have a Facebook account or two but haven't been on it in a few years, it does nothing but fill my email with junk mail and occasionally give me a heads up that someone's birthday is coming up.
I dislike talking on the phone so prefer texting but I will also tear into someone if they don't atleast attempt to type properly.
Because I haven't had coffee yet I was able to refrain from going on a rant about my generation or Facebook.
(01-03-2016, 08:55 AM)minimotos95 Wrote: [ -> ]I dislike talking on the phone so prefer texting but I will also tear into someone if they don't atleast attempt to type properly.

I think atleast is two words.....
So----are we talking dog years or ???? I haven't been carded in awhile, does that count?
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