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Full Version: Anyone near 18-30 on here? Also, facebook?
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23 here as well. Cool to see I'm not the only one on this site that's still early 20's or younger living this life style. Well, for me about to live it.

I leave in May with a job in Colorado and have no intentions in returning anytime soon.
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Auto correct is your worst enema........
I'm a young at heart 35! Still think i'm 20. Hoping to be on the road full time before the year is over.
I'm in the world did I go from 25 to 45 over night? I certainly do not feel this old, but you start noticing you make noises when you stand up or get out of bed some times... Smile
22 year old boi here, with no plans to ever work myself to death to have the privelege of living in a big sticks-and-bricks conventional house.

No plans to piss away my life either.
(10-05-2014, 04:11 PM)MobileHomeMaker Wrote: [ -> ]Hi guys and gals,

Just looking for people to talk to that are the younger generation like myself (21) but anyone can chime in. I dont know why but i feel like im the youngest person on here haha prove me wrong if possible. I know alot of people on here are running on limited data connections but if someone has a facebook and would like to add me just throw names out there or pm me.  It would be nice to have some new friends on here and my facebook, i dont get many requests XD.

If i am the youngest, please dont call me "kid" lol.

I am 26. I have Facebook and internet access regularly. Also looking for fellow millennial van dwellers to meet up with. I am hoping to start shooting some documentary style video's covering the van dwelling lifestyle. Find me at I would be happy to be in contact.
I'm 29. Do I count as a millenial? I hope not :/

Don't use facebook but I have a twitter and an empty instagram waiting for me to hit the road. Might start up a YouTube channel too.

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(09-12-2016, 11:28 PM)Pronk Wrote: [ -> ]I'm 29. Do I count as a millenial? I hope not :/ ....

Yep you do! 8-)
29 Here - Though, I feel old, lol
(07-16-2017, 05:40 PM)Gideon33w Wrote: [ -> ]29 Here - Though, I feel old, lol

29 here as well. We ain't old. I am just beginning my new life, last night was the first night sleeping in my van.
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