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Full Version: on line purchas weirding me out
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back at the end of July I went to a place on line and purchased an oil filter and fuel filter for an old vehicle I have only because it was cheaper with freight than to get something at two different shops here in town.
by that I mean it was cheaper for the filters and I did not have to spend gas money driving to the two different places to get what I needed.

it took a long time and then one filter arrived, with a packing slip stating that the other filter would be delivered once it was off of back order, it arrived several weeks later. All is good I finally have the filters even though it took a while.

Week or so back I get a call from some lady telling me that they failed to capture my credit card info and I needed to give it to her so she could get payment for the items I had received. ??? What I say to myself...told her nope not going to bite on that one, sounds to fishy, then the next day my bank shuts down my debit card for suspected fraudulent charges??? again I say to my said WHAT THE ...
Now I have to go to the bank across town take my records of what I have purchased and authorized and there are two charges that I did not make, one was to an online dating service and another that I did not even have a clue what it was and the bank tried to Googlize it and they said it did not show up either.
NEW card issued and all that good stuff but I now have to come back and fill out papers in 5 days to dispute the charges...UGH! one more trip across town...Go to fill out papers and I have been issued credit from the charging companies to reimburse the charges. Good deal no paper work and I got the money back, but still took a trip across town.

Now I get phone calls from this Kim lady at from different numbers, one is Colorado, one is Pennsylvanian, and a lot of unknown caller id. she keeps telling me that I owe them money because they failed to capture my card information correctly and the time allowed expired for them to get their money. I asked how they failed and now it is my problem, she got all BUTT HURT as my daughter would say Smile

I told them to leave me alone, if they felt they needed to do anything to get with my credit card people and see what they had to say about it.
I then found my packing slip, called the company who shipped my filters and they said they had received payment, but they had only drop shipped my orders for an other company, they gave me that info and I called them, talked to an Erick fella and he said that I owed them money and I was responsible for doing what was necessary to resolve the issue.

the way I see it is they can go suck an egg

am I being a jerk here or what?
they can suck an egg is RIGHT!!!

I'd be inclined to contact the cops about this 'suspicious' person who keeps calling.

yeah, I won't give my credit card number over the phone to anyone, and any on-line purchases I make I use PayPal. your local small business owner. Sure, you can save acouple bucks by ordering stuff on-line...but he's there to serve you.
Let them suck egg and hope they choke on it.

The safest way to purchase online is using PayPal backed by your CC. Both have protection in place, so you're covered coming and going.

I had a bad charge a few years ago and my bank bent over backwards to assure proper channels were addressed and complaints filed with the outfit involved.

Please, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission...

Never give your info to anyone who calls you.
Some days I should have my head examined, yea Patrick you are right shop local and bindi&us I will follow your advice
well can't you go back and check your records and see if your credit card payment went through. I would not give info to anybody that called me, but if I was never charged for items I received I would pay. highdesertranger
yep checked and I paid
they got their money
I had a couple of charges due to the data breaches at either Target or Harbor Freight. These were both local purchases, and both times I had to get a new debit mastercard from my bank. The charges were for Gift Cards at Wal-Mart, which is a common way credit card thieves try to quickly turn around stolen cards into something they can use or sell. I called Wal-Mart first and had the gift cards killed, then called my bank to reverse the charges. Everything went great, and I had no problems dealing with either company.

I would say with online shopping, buy only from reputable companies. Using Paypal is a great way to shop, especially on Ebay, as it gives you certain additional guarantees. NEVER give any information to someone who calls you. No reputable company should ever call to ask your credit card info or USER ID or Passwords. If they do, tell them you will call them back. Look up their actual number, like you did c_hasbeen, and call yourself.

Cards are also sometimes stolen by servers at restaurants and other places where you hand off your card. They have a small electronic card reader called a skimmer, and it reads and remembers all your card info, which they or an accomplice later transfer onto a card blank.

I have worked retail loss prevention for years, and am very familiar with these types of frauds. Best thing to do is review your bank statement and credit card statements every month and make sure they are all your own purchases. Also, you can run your own credit reports for free (link below) once per year. You don't have to pay anything or sign up to do this either, as long as you use the site below. Check them all at least once per year to help protect yourself from identity theft.
I avoid PayPal like the plague. Had two credit card problems with them, one involving actual theft, one attempt on the card I had already cancelled. Reporting the fraud to PayPal resulted in...... NADA on their part. They did not care.
Also had serious trouble with First Premier Bank - they are thieves! AVOID at all cost!
Capital One has been very good. Had one card info stolen and used to purchase junk at a NYC luggage store - not a store I ever dealt with. CapOne cancelled the card and I got my money back quickly. I check my account daily and keep a close watch on it.
This is onna the things that scares me anymore...

EVERYBODY wants you to shop on their websites, and make all your purchases on there.

heck...even federal gov't office websites have gotten hacked....nothing is safe on-line!!

It pisses me off when I wanna buy something, and my local store can't/won't get it for me to pick-up locally. "Just buy it off our website" they say..."it's safe"!!!

HA!!!! whadda joke! Confused
My solution is to get of those Visa (debit?) cards from Walmart. If I am going to order something on-line for $100, I put $100 on it. Use that card for the order. Don't think there is much exposure to that, but it requires some planning ahead.

Have a friend that just keeps about $100 on his card and, if his order is for less, just adds to it next time he is in town.

I also avoid PayPal.

-- Spiff
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