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Full Version: Gunther, Christine, and Otto
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Bookmarked for later. Looks like a great read.
Thanks for posting.
An amazing journey! They are true adventurers.
Wow, shows me up as the pretender I am!
Stunning photos too. Loved it.I have no ambitions to roam like that, but love reading about it!
That was one looooong article! Interesting though. I would have given up at the first sign of trouble!
Anyone every watched "The Long Way Around" and "The Long Way Down"? Both are available on Netflix. Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman ride their BMW motorcycles Starting from London and heading east until they get to New York, and from Scottland to Capetown, South Africa. They have a support team in SUVs following (which is interesting in itself).

Really enjoyable series about phenomenal roadtrips. Everything from preparation and their equipment, the difficulties of bad roads, frequent wrecks, sand, and border crossings. I highly recommend it.
Yep, the "Long Way" movies are motorcyclist classics, as is "The World's Fastest Indian" (the Indian motorcycle, not the native American!). Burt is one of my heroes!
Seen all three. Own Worlds Fastest Indian. Great movies all. But love my Yamaha XT-225 for adventure cycling. Geared right you can go pretty much anywhere. And you can pick up the bike if and when you drop it. A big 650 like the BMW or my top heavy Suzuki V-Strom 650 is another story for this 68 YO. Smile
Picking up my KLR650 is a chore too. And we DO drop them! We riders have a saying, "we don't dress for the ride, we dress for the crash!" Thus always wear your armor gear!
But now instead of riding on those multistate roadtrips, I tow the bike behind my van in a trailer. My poor KLR is beginning to feel like a Harley....... Smile
But sleeping in the van is a LOT more comfy than in a tent.
Still, adventure trips like Gunther takes are great. I really look up to him. Just wish I had his money.......
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