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Full Version: Free campgrounds in Ohio on American Electric Lands
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These campgrounds are on the website so forum members may already be aware of them. However since we just stayed in one a few days ago and were very impressed, I decided to spread the information.

There are six campgrounds on 60,000 acres of reclaimed strip mine land which has be planted with grasses and trees. The campgrounds have tables, fire rings, fresh water, vault toilets, trash barrels and they're free!

A permit is required but it's a lifetime permit and it's really easy to get. Just download it from the website - Stays are limited to three weeks at one campground but then it appears that you can move to another campground for an additional three weeks, then move again so as long as the campgrounds are opened for the season you can stay as long as you want.

The only bad point is there wasn't any cell signal at the campground where we stayed but the interstate is less than 10 miles away so some of the campgrounds may be within range of a tower. Towns with stores and supplies are 10- 20 miles away.
Thank You ...Tony & Karen!!!
I've stayed at one of those and it was very, very nice! Thanks for posting!
If you hike there during hunting season, wear your Orange vest lol.