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Full Version: cool toy
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Here's a cool toy for those back and forth errands that always seem to crop up.
looks like something out of Terminator!

70-120 days for delivery? yikes
Cool but not street legal in most states. Need to have lights, brake light, turn signals and a horn to be street legal. Off road they could be great. I like the survival bike, be careful of the blackops you could get arrested for riding a weapon!
Here is a site that will give you state by state laws on Mopeds.
pretty cool video.. the $14000 Zero getting pwned by the $2500 Motoped. Besides the legal issues, I wonder how much the 155z engine costs.

Now I'm wondering if this thing would be a better investment than a fixed transmission for the van. =) Definitely would reduce the weekly fuel costs by a ton.
Maybe. . . just add the 49cc sticker and some pedals
seems legit! =)

I'd be a little worried about it getting stolen. Could probably figure out a way to stick it in the van when it's there.. wouldn't be very discreet tho. (need to install some kind of spy hunter ramp in the back of the van!)