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Full Version: 1988 Chevy G20 van, 22K miles
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One of my friends owns a buy here pay here lot and told me about a 1988 Chevy G20 van that was sold at an auction he recently attended. This van had 22K original miles and looked like new, except the paint was starting to fade.

It was used by a metropolitan police department as a surveillance van and had cameras mounted in the roof to show a 360 degree field of view, as well as monitors and a VCR inside. The van was super insulated, carpeted, and had a desk with 2 chairs inside.

It sold for $800.00 with all equipment inside. There still are good deals out there.
I could make a lot of money with something like that...
I bought an old g20 recently. My odometer reads 99k on it. But i can see it will have turn at 100k, so i always wondered, do i have 99k miles on it or 199k miles on it. Im starting to think 199k more than 99k. Older vehicles aren't (always) required to show mileage anyway so you cant really go by the title, and even if you did who is to say the last title made the same error.

I used to drive for an auction, and people would get crazy deals...problem is you have to be a dealer or his representative at the good ones :\