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Full Version: How do I find BLM land? Where is your favorite and why?
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by warmer areas I assume you mean the desert. not a lot of grazing in the desert as far as for penned up horses. how do you pen your horses while boondocking? panels? electric fence? hobbles? the thing is feed is so scarce you are going to be moving the horses constantly. have you ever thought to ask the local ranches for hay or pasture in exchange for some ranch work, like riding fence? I am sure you are aware of the "certified weed free alfalfa" laws. as far as the dogs versus coyotes goes, yes some areas are worse than others, however you should always be vigilant no matter where you are at even with larger dogs. highdesertranger
That's way to specific question for this forum, I think you're going to have to go to specialty forums or directly to the BLM.

I can tell you that I'm a resident of Pahrump, NV and it is surrounded by BLM and National Forest land and I do know for a fact that wild horses and burros thrive in that area. A few years back the BLM came in and rounded most of them up and took them off to wherever they keep them. But they didn't get them all, every spring they came down from the mountains and I'd have them pretty close to my camp.

But it's high desert and it can be surprisingly cold there. Every winter I was there we got some snow and the wind blows a LOT!!! That's why I'll never winter there again.
Thanks HDS and Bob,
Fencing I use portable solar electric, I use alfalfa cubes, and will check on the weed free thing, I do remember reading a blog of a Wagoner teamster ( ), who mentioned that while going through a particular area.... Thanks I will make sure I check into it. Thanks will have to do more research...
I am not sure but I believe all of the pellets are certified. it should say on the bag. highdesertranger
Searching and searching and low and behold I find this thread....

Right now I am having a hard time understanding the concept of BLM.

Do you just drive out there and park? Because I love the outdoors / wilderness aspect of living in a van.

Just confused as to how exactly you go about finding BLM and how to find ones that aren't charging 5+ a night just to park there.
Good info here....Thanks for starting the thread Bob.

SinnTek... Some BLM land requires a quickie registration with a volunteer host for a free 14 day stay and then you must move (I think its 25 miles) to another location.
Some BLM requires no registration...such as the area Bob referred to at Ehrenburg, Az. and quite a bit of that around Pahrump, Nv.
There are also many other places you can take advantage of without any  paperwork.
I am camping at Squaw Lake, a BLM campground north of Yuma near the Proving Grounds.  Not free, but only $7.50/day with my senior pass.

[Image: squaw%20lake.jpg]
Nice thread but I wanted to say that two of the links in the OP didn't work for me. The first link worked but showed no BLM land in Colorado which I know we have.

I haven't used any BLM land yet, we are still working our way through the Pike National forest so far. When I look for either I go the the NFS ranger district or BLM site for the area first. There I find out if they allow disperse camping, where, what restrictions, etc. Once I have located a area I get on google earth and follow the trails looking for suitable sites. Some spots are easy to spot, some even have RV's sitting in them at the time the photo was shot.  We might even do a day trip in the off season to scope things out but at least we have a good idea of what's what before we get there. Since the site we want may not be open, I pick out a number of sites in a area based on altitude and proximity to others.

I had a list of sites I've used but I lost them so it's easier to send you to the OP of this thread on RV.NET. (lots of links)

RV>NET boondocking thread
I just did a post on my blog about a smarphone App that is tremendosuly helpful in finding all US Pulbic Lands. and it it appropriately named "US Public Lands." See my review of it here:

Very highly recommended.

In both the National Forests and BLM land is something called dispersed camping. You literally just go and find a place you want to camp and set up camp and there you are, that's all there is to it.

In some places they limit you to a few campsites but those are rare out West and in some National Forests there is soemthing called a MVUM Motor Vehicle Use Map and it lists exactly where you can and can not camp. But most NFs don't restrict it that much. You can download the MVUM as a PDF from their website. You can call any NF Ranger office ad ask about restrictions to dispesed camping usually there are none. The closer you are to a population center, recreation sites or bodies of water the more restrictions there will be.

BLM land rarely has restrictions. Nearly all of it is open to dispersed camping. If it does have restrictions it's usually because of it popularity, reclamation for damage done by A**hole ATVers or endangered species like desert toroise.
What if you plan on staying for 2 or 3 days on BLM land. Do you still need a permit?
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