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Full Version: How do I find BLM land? Where is your favorite and why?
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You very rarely need a permit. In all my travels I've only needed a permit twice, once in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and the other camping around Quartzsite AZ.

Don't fixate on those extremely rare occasions when you need a permit. It's a non-issue for BLM land. There are no requirements for those rare, rare times when you need one. You say give me one and they give you one. Period.

If you don't get one, probably nothing will happen, and the worst is a Ranger will come by and tell you to get one.
So out of curiosity... Is this something that would be viable in Riverside California? I want to go back there pretty bad, just couldn't find an actual yes or no if it was ok to camp near there.
eastern riverside county is almost all blm. this is from indio east to the Colorado river. from indio to white water pass it's checker board and from white water to the orange county line it's almost all private, very little blm. highdesertranger
(01-23-2015, 06:59 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]eastern riverside county is almost all blm.  this is from indio east to the Colorado river.  from indio to white water pass it's checker board and from white water to the orange county line it's almost all private,  very little blm.  highdesertranger

Interesting. I was actually hoping for Orange County as well.
As others said, the BLM areas where you need to stay in a campground or get a permit are rare. Some areas are posted "no camping", near the above areas in most cases. "Wilerness" means no vehicles, as does "Closed". "Open" means drive anywhere. (Some, such as Imperial Dunes, require a pay permit.) "Limited" means vehicles on designated roads only (look for the little verticle numbered signs). Camping is usually allowed within 300 feet of such roads. BLM offices with much limited area have MVUM maps available free, they vary in quality. Many of the designated roads need high-clearance 4wd vehicles to drive on.
no blm land in orange county. there is national forest, but no dispersed camping. if you come to OC give me a pm. highdesertranger
I'm planning on going to California eventually. Right now I think I am going to stay in Littleton CO however. There seems to be a lot of BLM / Public Land and even still if I can't stay there... the industrial area is ridiculous in Littleton so I can blend in pretty well.
 I've been using to make sure we're camping on public land but I've found that it loads really slowly. While checking for good boondocking spots in Box Wash near Wickenburg, AZ I found a link in the comment section to a GIS map    Is there a an easy to use site that has maps of all of the states with this data? I've searched but haven't found anything comprehensive.
about 5 miles east of Escalante in the Escalante Grand Staircase Nat Monument, just turn onto Hole in the Rock road and about 1/4 mile on the right, lots of boon docking sites, great views, awesome.

get a free permit from the Escalante rangers station first.

drive down hole in the rock road 12 miles (need off road vehicle) to devils garden, stunning rock formations, no one there
(11-02-2014, 02:35 PM)akrvbob Wrote: [ -> ]My favorite BLM land is Ehrenberg, AZ for these reasons:

1) No Ranger enforcement.
2) Easy access to free water and trash disposal.
3) Blythe, CA is 7 miles away and has good shopping.
4) Only 3 miles from a Flying J with a Wendy's and a dump station.
4) Only 17 miles away from Quartzsite, AZ which is a very cool place!

Hi Bob, I have been going to Quartzsite for years.I only stayed one season. after that I  only go there to meet up with several  groups I am in touch with. I  was totally surprised about the BLM in Ehrenberg that you speak of and was going to perhaps go there for a while. But after reading further I have all the no no,s I have an R.V. I also have a honda generator. I do not use it all the time only when I need to. I do not park near people. I was thinking 2 yrs ago about getting solar.  but I probably won't  be able to travel much longer. Anyway I am looking forward to meeting you all in Q. Thanks
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