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Full Version: How do I find BLM land? Where is your favorite and why?
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South side of I-10 and then go east (left) and then south again (right) at the "fork in the road" then look for the orange flag on the left hand side and turn left again... (same side reggae fans pass the dutchie on) never been there but read a lot of maps in my years on the road).
Blars: I'm looking at Google Maps. Maybe it's old info. Looks like a left turn, to me.

Rvpopeye: In other words, take Exit 1 and go south on the overpass (aka Juneau Ave.) to where it forms a T, and turn left (east) onto Ehrenberg-Cibola Rd. Drive east three-quarters of a mile to where the road curves to the right and the pavement ends, then continue south another 1.3 miles on the same road and turn left there and park anywhere in that area. Correct?
I'm going on memory of the map Bob posted but that sounds right .
If you can post a little before you get there(maybe from FlyingJ?) it's possible Dragonfly or someone else could guide you in with a closer set of directions to exactly where they are. Oopslala found it a day or so ago too.
Drive from the freeway like you are ging to the Flying J.

When you come to the Roundabout there are only three ways to go, you want to go the opposite direction from the Flying J, but NOT back toward the freeway. 

[Image: ehrenberg-map-new1.jpg?w=605]
I would like to see Wisconsin and Lake superior. Does anybody have any recommendations in free camping or Boondocking in Wisconsin? Any favorites you can suggest? Any information would be helpful. Thank you


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This is awesome information I have wondered about since I have been watching your videos Bob. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to get there!
In the summer I really like the Snowy Mtns in So. WY. There's a lot of pretty terrible 4x roads throughout the area I travel in a lifted Ford diesel towing a lifted Fifth Wheel. Really peaceful with the exception of all the noise/dust people that come up from CO on the weekends. To clean and get supplies and fuel I go to Saratoga, WY to the free hot springs which are way better than the ones in CO that cost. I did not however like hanging around the desert during the winter however and also the loneliness so I am temporarily off of the road now and helping my young son as well.
Great thread, it will take me awhile to read through it all and process it.

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This information wont be handy on a website . Arkansas. Things to know. BoonDocking is free in national forests for most part. Most areas have campsites with sometimes a minimal fee that includes picnic tables fire pits and water. Sometimes showers. No electric. Outside those parks is unlimited free camping. So a short trip to free water and out. Fallen timber is free for the taking for fires. To haul out a free permit is needed . They also have free firewood cutting areas by permit. Hiking horses swimming canoeing rock climbing fishing hunting are the natural draws . It's the natural state and they mean it. There's water falls and springs mountain rivers galore for free to enjoy. Fly fishing I forgot to mention is a big deal. Also my favorite cowboy cooking at campsites over a fire is everywhere. I hope this might help someone.
In Oregon I used the method of driving down a mountain road until I found a nice spot. Forest Service has banned many of these camps but there are still some nice ones. You can get fined if posted for no camping. Look for signs high in the trees.

Arizona is much easier to find both stealth parking and boondocks camping. I signed up for a $15 permit to camp on state land, and there was a link to land maps on that site. Also many organized camping spots along Hwy 95 in Arizona.

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