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Full Version: How do I find BLM land? Where is your favorite and why?
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This question was asked on a thread where no one would find it if they weren't searching for it. So I thought I would give it it's own thread and make it a sticky. Everyone is welcome to add any tips they may have!

Also, please tell us your favorite BLM camping spot and why

Here are good resources for finding BLM and all public land:

1) This is the best:

2) I love US Public Lands App for smartphones! Tremendous help! If you have a smartphone, you must have it Smile

3) Delorme Atlas and Gazeeter for the states you travel in (note; not all states have BLM land and so they don't all list all public lands) :

4) Benchmark Atlas same not as above

Or you can go to and then click on the state you want to go to. Then click to the specific area you wan to go to and get the phone number of the Ranger office and cal them and ask specific questions.

The state BLM web pages are easy to find it's just plus a /abbreviation for the state. So Arizona is and California is Easy to find.

Once you are in the state BLM page, type "dispersed camping" into the SEARCH BAR will give you information specific to their state.
My favorite BLM land is Ehrenberg, AZ for these reasons:

1) No Ranger enforcement.
2) Easy access to free water and trash disposal.
3) Blythe, CA is 7 miles away and has good shopping.
4) Only 3 miles from a Flying J with a Wendy's and a dump station.
4) Only 17 miles away from Quartzsite, AZ which is a very cool place!
thanks bob. highdesertranger
Anyone have any tips for finding free land on the east coast? Aside from national forests, I can't figure anything out.
Although not as many free campsites as in the west try this site for free sites in the east too.
Just for completeness, there is also: . It's an online map, with overlays, the overlay for NF and BLM land is 'Surface Management Agency'. Has different map bases as well (topo, etc).

I don't think it's any better than, just different, since it's a US govt ran site.
I'm not sure why, or even when I started feeling some anxiety about ever finding dispersed camping areas, but it started happening. Maybe because I'm now in a sticks and brick. But I've done it before. I've lived in a van, I've lived in a RV. I've hiked and done dispersed camping in places like Death Valley, Mojave and Borrego Springs.

When I found this thread it offered some comfort, but it didn't address the nuts and bolts of finding a camp site after arriving on BLM land or national forest. But then I remembered some articles Bob Wells wrote and it was the key. Even though I'm not currently boondocking, I take a lot of comfort in knowing I have a backup plan.

If your saying to yourself,,, okay, I found BLM and national forest but still not sure of what your doing, check out these articles written by Bob. It really doesn't get any better then this unless he was there holding your hand. Thanks Bob.

Sometimes just knowing is just about as good...
Thanks Light Trip, I should have included those links. I tried to be very thorough in them
Great resource to have available.

Thanx for posting this Mr. Bob!!
Loved this thread, it answered a lot of my first time boondocking blm nd questions, but I have a few more.... I plan on traveling with my horse, I already know some people who boondock on blm land in Colorado, They did so so much that they where hired to take horse counts.... My question is if I want warm is they also places to graze my horse? To ease my need to buy hay? I am already planning a 55 gallon drum for water...which depending on the grazing can last a week to 2weeks.... Also are coyotes a heavier problem in certain areas? As I have little dogs...thanks much
Ps I am only planning to winter in a warm areas , as I have a home in PA I will summer in
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