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Full Version: CRVL Flyers?
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Has anyone thought of printing out simple CRVL flyers to stick on vehicle dweller's windshields?

I'm starting to recognize inhabited vehicles around town, but I'm not the kind of person to just walk up to a stranger and begin a conversation about his or her lifestyle. All the same, I'm beginning to think of these folks as my neighbors and dislike the idea of anyone being alone in this if they'd rather not be.
We've talked about decals and other types of identifers but it hasn't really come to much. Someone at last years RTR was selling a decal or vinyl sticker. I don't know how well that went over, either.

I'm pretty sure most people don't want to be identified as a vehicle dweller.
Right, I wouldn't want a sticker/decal on my lovely stealth machine either. I was talking about fliers as in small paper handbills that would point to CRVL.