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Full Version: Ventilation, or lack thereof
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As some of you know, I'm working on 2 builds at the same time. Today I was working inside the Dodge Van Hightop doing some electrical wiring and I had the side barn doors and back barn doors open. There was a gentle breeze blowing that teased me onto the bed for a nap. It was so nice taking that 45 minute break out of the sun, but enjoying the clean fresh breeze.

Now the reality check. My Grumman Olson step van will have one small window on each side (less than 1 sq ft each) and a Fantastic Vent on the roof. The rear roll up door will be to the garage only, with a bulkhead 3 feet away, effectively blocking the airflow when the door is open. The front will have an insulated divider with door, so no airflow there either. I am now thinking that I am building a rolling cave.

I really do enjoy fresh air when the weather is nice, so I'd like that option on the step van too.

Bigger windows on each side? More roof vents? Any thoughts?


The fantastic fan on high exhaust ing should draw in A nice breeze
We screened the entire area inside our back doors on our cargo trailer. We love it! It is like a rolling porch on wheels. No bugs. Lots of fresh air. We do not need stealthSmile Jan
Will your design plans allow you to put windows in the wall between your living space and your garage?

As for your front wall between the living space and cockpit, can't you leave the door open when you want more air? Maybe some roll up screening with velcro for when you do that? Conversely, could you build some windows into the door?

What Stern wake said.

My 7' x 15' box-style TT has three small windows which I never open because I covered them with insulation. There is a ceiling vent in the bathroom and a fantastic vent fan in the living area. I open the bathroom vent, turn on the fantastic vent, and it creates a very noticeable breeze.

Yep, it's a cave but caves are cool Wink

The more windows you have, the harder it is to control the inside climate.

Good luck and best wishes.
My stepvan has a screened window in the toolroom wall and roll down windows in the side doors, with the passenger one screened. 4 computer fans in the side wall give me a good breeze.....

I like lying in bed and seeing moon light or sunrise with the rear open. Also like being able to close it all up with no light escaping when stealth.
I'm going with Bob's answer - both!

We have a lot of windows in our RV. It's only 25' from bumper to bumper but we have screened windows in the cabover, screened windows in the living area, screened windows in the kitchen area and a screened door. They're all opened on warm days. It's almost like living in a screened in porch. Wonderful breezes and views from all sides. If there isn't a breeze we have a Fantastic fan to move the air.

I read a lot of posts about how hot vans get when they're parked in the sun but we actually stay cooler inside than out.
I'd consider where, in the unit, I plan to spend most of my time, and make sure that spot is directly in the path of the air flow.

We have several windows and vents, and can control the air flow by deciding which combination to open. Open too many windows or vents, and the airflow will be destroyed.
IIWM I'd put a door with a screen/window in the bulkhead that is separating the 'garage' area and the living quarters and a screen for the door into the driving compartment. First and foremost, the door into the garage will give you a second exit in case of emergency. It would also give you the ventilation options that you need.

I'm also trying to figure out ventilation plans at this point. The Savanna has fixed windows in both the back doors and the two barn doors. I either swap out the windows, swap out the doors altogether or add more windows which I'm loath to do as I'd have very little wall space left at that point.
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