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Full Version: How To Reset Your Lost or Forgotten Password
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To Reset Your Lost or Forgotten Password

Note: This is a three step process.  First, you will get an email with an activation code.  Second, you will get an email with a temporary password.  Third, you will change your temporary password to something permanent.

First Step

Go to the forums home page and click "Lost Password" toward the top right of the page.  See the link circled in red below:

[Image: LostPassword.jpg]

You will be redirected to another page, like the one pictured below.  Scroll below the header to enter your Email Address.  Click on the "Request Login Credentials" button.  

[Image: ResetPW2.jpg]

To get an activation code, go into your email inbox and open the message from the forumsadmin titled "Password Reset at VanDweller Community Forums."   To submit your activation code, you can link to one of the two options.  Click on one or the other.  See below for a sample email with the two options.

[Image: ResetPW3.jpg]

  • Option 1:
    If you click on Option 1 to submit your activation code, you will be redirected to a page like the one pictured below.  It says  "thank you, the password for your account has been reset.  The new randomly generated password has been emailed to the email address in your account."

----------------------------------- OR -----------------------------------

  • Option 2:
    If you click on the second link, it will take you to the page below.   See the area circled in red for the place to enter your Username/Email and Activation Code.  Copy your activation code from the email that you received.  (Note: This is not your password.  So, do not enter it in the password box toward the top.)  Click on the "Send New Password" button.

Second Step

For a second time, go to your email account.  This second email is also from the forumsadmin, but it is titled "New Password at Vandweller Community Forums."  Copy the password.  

[Image: ResetPW6.png]

Go to the forums and log in with your Username/Email and (Temporary) Password using the boxes circled in red below.  Click on the "Login" button.

[Image: ResetPW7.jpg]

Third Step

Once logged in, change your temporary password to something permanent.  Click on the User CP (Control Panel) link.  

[Image: ResetPW8.jpg]

Once in your User CP, click on the "Change Password" link.  

[Image: ResetPW9.jpg]

Enter your temporary Current Password, your permanent New Password, then Confirm Password.  Click on the "Update Password" button.   Note: Your new password needs to be at least six characters, include one capital letter, one lower case letter, and one number.

[Image: ResetPW10.jpg]

If you are not able to reset your password using these instructions, please email to have your password reset manually.