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Full Version: Rigid foam insulation in windows?
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I used removable Reflectix in the windows of my last car, but was thinking about trying rigid foam insulation in this one. Is there a reason (or two) I haven't heard of anyone else doing this?
I see no reason it can't help. Been thinking of doing that myself.
I've done it and.. it works well. If you have something like a camper, extend the insulation in order to insulate the window frames too. ..Willy.
I use foam inserts (covered by upholstery). They work great and do not "advertise" that you are sleeping in your van like Reflectix does.
I would use something on the lines of 3M Super 77 spray on adhesive to attach the fabric to the foam, which you should be able to find at any hardware store. Do not use 3M's High Strength 90 adhesive. It will eat the foam.
I sandwiched several layers of 1/8" foam to fill in the areas around my windows glued together with spray glue. I glued black fabric over the pieces. It does a great job of insulating, much better than a layer of reflectix. The layers have not stayed completely glued together so they squeak when I drive and from the outside the black fabric just looked like black fabric, not limo tint like I was hoping.

If you have tinted windows it might look better from the outside. If your windows are relatively flat you could probably just trim a block of 2" foam to fit in the opening.
When I was in my 1979 Dodge open-road motor home - at night I'd pop in all the windows -- 2" thick pink foam boards from Home Depot - 8' X 3' ( ? ) - $23. R-19 --- cut so they fit tightly -- edges lined with Gorilla tape --- I had more of an R-value than in the walls --

I could have painted them on both sides for a neater install --- but I'm about function not pretty --- like me -- Tongue