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Full Version: Dang near magical electrical contact juice
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I've been using Caig products for years in my old job in the music biz,,,,,great stuff , glad you like it .
I'm adding these products to my kit-out list immediately! Thanks Sternwake!
So, it had been a while since I bothered cleaning off the Mini USB plugs and cords for my Phone.  My Samsung s4 mini the other day told me it was unable to charge, that I was not using an approved charger.

I was busy and did not have time to really play with things, but later I came back, took the battery out of my phone and hit the receptacle in the phone with D5 spray and a Mini bottle brush/ Dent stick.  The bristles came out dark grey.  I wound up cleaning all the USB receptacles, all connectors everywhere with precision swabs soaked in d5 spray, and they all had accumulated a fair amount of dust and oxidation and the swabs came out grey or black

Anyway, no more 'unable to charge' notifications, and the connector seats like butter now.  It also 'seems' like battery life is longer but this could be placebo effect.

 I need to order another Can of Deoxit D5 spray.
(11-01-2015, 12:35 AM)SternWake Wrote: [ -> ]  It also 'seems' like battery life is longer but this could be placebo effect.

I don't think so. I have read that clean connections lead to more efficient charging, and better battery life. 
That Deoxit D5 sounds like a winner.
I just received a 2-can resupply. You're right. Close to magic. I've lost track of the number of things I've used this stuff on.
thanks for the report Guy. highdesertranger
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