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Full Version: Dang near magical electrical contact juice
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While I have been aware of this product for a while, I only just acquired some:

Caig laboratories has several dozen different products that overlap function. The Product above is listed as Hosa, but it is a Caig product and the most 'All purpose" of all of them.

Basically, any electrical connection, anywhere in an RV, is going to benefit from an application of this product to connectors, ring terminals, fuse ends, switches, Ciggy plugs, anything electrical.

I mainly bought it because I am still dealing with poor connections on, and mostly failed solder connections inside, my engine computer, and I bought this "technician's kit" which has a wide array of Caig's products but in very small quantities.

I've only used the spray version of the first link so far, and have simply been impressed on each and every level.

First let me say not to spray it in items that still have power to them, like in a 12 volt ciggy plug receptacle, or your Android phone USb receptacle when the battery is still in it. But while you have the battery out, hit the connectors there too and you might find the battery charges faster and lasts longer, and that the phone freezes less often. The removal of electrical current is mostly because the spray through the red tube extension is flammable, Not because it is going to short out the connections of the device. More is not better, after letting it sit for a bit, wipe off some excess.

Firstly, I took my older un functioning Engine computer that has been sitting in my storage unit for years and was extremely dirty and the pins badly oxidized. I'd cleaned it with CRC QED electronics cleaner and q tips to flush out dust and gunk and attempted to clean the pins. But the pins were still a bit white and oxidized. I sprayed the Caig Deoxit on it, waited a few minutes and started rubbing the pins with a q tip, and they became perfectly smooth, oily smooth and shiny and the q tips turned black. Both tin coated brass pins and straight brass pins became pristine and silky smooth and this was after using the other contact cleaner on them, with the q tips.

After I saw that, I sprayed the Micro USB cable end which plugs into my Android phone, let it sit for a bit, and wiped off the excess. The plug then inserted into my phone with half the effort. It felt new again, in fact better than new as this spray has some lubrication qualities as well. I've sprayed it on the regular size USB plugs on my laptop, as well as the power cord barrel connector, and again, simpler install, crisp and makes it feel new again, better than new.

For those of you you utilize wired connections for 3.5 mm standard mini plugs, to plug your phone or MP3 player into the stereo, you are familiar with the crackling noise when inserting and removing the cable, and perhaps having to twist it to get both left and right channels operational. One spray of this product on the male end, insert it into the phone pull it out, wipe off the excess, and you cannot get it to crackle any more. You can again feel the 3 detents in the stereo mini plug when seating it.

I swear the music sounds crisper too. You amplified guitar players, you are well acquainted with the crackling noises when the cord is pulled or moved. This product makes that disappear.

Then I decided to spray some on my turn signal mechanism on my steering column since that has been requiring more force than normal lately to get it to stay in left or right turn signal. Now it glides over easily, and releases much quieter. Huge huge improvement. Stunning really.

I just aimed it generally in the area I knew the contacts and springs to be as I never have been that deep inside my steering column. As a benefit, some got on the gear shift lever mechanism internals and now that is smoother too.

I challenge you to find a bad review on this product anywhere, in most instances it is considered a magical product and the only complaints are from those who complain about price.

I plan on getting a larger can and spraying each and every electrical connector, every engine sensor, all my RG6 cable connectors, Wifi connections. Everything.

Every electrical connection from here on out, is going to get a shot of this product. before installation, and i am going to disconnect many to just to apply this product and retighten.

They also have a lot of documentation on their products, which is Nice as too many products one cannot find enough info about it.

Have a read around:

I feel like a fool for not having a supply of this product year ago.

Nothing else comes close. What you considered a perfectly clean connection before, a spray with this and a wipe/ buff with a q tip, and you will then understand, it was neither clean nor pristine, but after a spray of Deoxit, it now is.

After the contact surfaces have been treated, they can be treated with Deoxit Gold for even better electrical conductivity and resistance to oxidation, and Deoxit Shield is another level of protection for salty and corrosive environments, like any connection Anywhere near a flooded lead acid battery.

Dielectric grease has been a favorite for sealing connectors for a long time, but it is not without issues and can negatively affect low voltage, milliamp connections. I will use di electric grease outside the electrical contact surfaces for reducing oxygen and mostly water/moisture intrusion, but never again will any connector on my Van be stuffed with dielectric grease and rejoined. Deoxit for cleaning the connector, and gold or shield to protect them long term and increase conductivity, grease outside to repel water and Air for the overkill factor.

I will also use the regular type of Spray electronics cleaner to flush out grease and dust and physically clean the connector, before using the Deoxit as the Deoxit is twice as expensive and not what I would use to flush out old grease, which can take a lot of flushing and physical agitation with a fine brush or perhaps sewing needle to get visually clean. And after that, the magical deoxit to make the contact surfaces pristine and oxidation free for the best possible electrical connection down to a microscopic level.

Read up, get some, and with this product, more is not better, and one need not be absolutely anal with Q tips. One can just remove a connector spray both ends, wait a minute or two wipe off excess and reclose the connector and get excellent results.
Yup, a fantastic product and yeah it might seem a bit pricey but as SternWake has discovered works!!~!
Known about it for years being in the RC hobby. Cleans pots and contacts quickly and easily. Rejuvenated a power supply that had the crappy carbon button contacts to like new again.

Mike R
SW, being an old ET myself, I'd say this product sounds like just the ticket to rejuvenate those crusty old terminals and contacts! Need to order myself some. I'd think having this put on new contacts may well help keep them from getting crusty too.
Yep, it's magical! It's my favorite eelectronical chemical.

I used Caig De-Oxit as well as their other products at work for over 20 years. Great stuff. I always figured if it's good enough for NASA, it'll probably work for me! Wink

They also have a spray product that treats, lubes, and restores conductivity to potentiometers (volume controls, etc.) I can't remember the name offhand. Cailube maybe? It restores those scratchy, intermittent controls.

I can't even begin to count the number of electronic items I've restored to working order over the years with a simple squirt of D5. There's always a can in my road kit.

I recently used it to clean the contacts on the ECM and sensor connections on my truck. Now the old diesel runs like new. Huge difference from just cleaning off the contacts.
It is important to not use too much of these products. The smallest amount applied at the exact point needed. Please don't inhale.
I ordered a couple of their products, and will try others in time.
Thanks for the heads up Sternwake. I have several applications I can think of where this type of product is needed. Just ordered a bottle of each type.

I got around to removing and cleaning my Semi Functioning ECM's connectors and sockets , again.

First with CRC QED cleaner to flush out great dust and contaminants, and Qtips to buff pins. The q tips stayed white and clean.

I then sprayed DeOxit on all 4 mating surfaces and gave it some time to work.

That Kit I bought came with these precision cotton swabs which fit nicely inside the 14 way socket and fairly well into 60 pin socket.

I used a Lot of generic q tops to mop up excess spray and to buff the pins . They turned Black as the pins turned either shiny brass or silky smooth tinned copper color.

I used all the precision ones from the Kit to get inside the 14 way connector, the first one got tore up and turned black. The second one just turned black, the third one stayed perfect and light gray.

I used the last of the precision swabs to apply Deoxit Gold 5% spray to pins and sockets. These stayed clean.

So even after 2 thorough cleanings with the CRC QED product, The CaiG Deoxit removed a significant amount of oxidation and other contaminants and made them silky smooth and shiny. These oxidized contacts, always had a very generous application of Di electric grease both from the factory and throughout all my ministrations over the years, yet they still oxidized to this Significant degree.

I've still got a code 53 because some pins are floating in their solder traces in the circuit board.

But I will be doing each and every single connector on everything in my Van with this stuff.

I'm only using Dielectric grease, from here on out, on the outside of the connector, applied in such a manner to seal out moisture and air. But, nothing but Deoxit Gold or Shield products will be on mating electrical surfaces, and applied only after the deoxit D105 spray or D100 brush has thoroughly removed All oxidation from all mating electrical surfaces.

The CRC QED, will only be used to flush out old grease and dust from connectors, but obviously it cannot be trusted to remove oxidation or protect, or enhance conductivity, like the Deoxit can.

Good stuff. Thoroughly impressed.
I acquired some Caig Deoxit  F5 fader lube, and sprayed it inside my 10 turn potentiometer that I have attached to my MeanWell RSP-500-15 to adjust voltage.
It was kind of crusty, and quit allowing smooth increases or decreases of voltage when adjusting up or down.

I opened up the pot just enough to get the red straw inside and gave a few blasts.
Now it is buttery smooth and dialing in  battery charging voltages to 0.01 is cakework.

I tried to get some F5 inside my Throttle position sensor, but there is no real access to the resistive surfaces inside where the F5 could clean and lube.
I wound up cleaning every underhood  connector, every sensor or solenoid connector with D5 and q tips as well as some precision micro swabs to get inside sockets and around pins.  I  then used the Deoxit Gold  Or Deoxit Shield spray on them before reseating them to further enhance and protect long term.

The connectors for my TPS MAP and 02 sensors were very oxidized, and I can notice there now is a better throttle response.
Magic electrical gogo juice!

I acquired a 140 watt soldering gun and reflowed the solder on my engine computer circuit board.  No Stalls since, and hopefully the issue is resolved. But I need to have my oldest ECM rebuilt as I want to have a backup ready to go anytime.

[Image: IMG_3758copy_zpsceb1f7c7.jpg]

Those mini pipe cleaners are sold in CVS in the dental care aisle, and are great at scrubbing inside spade connectors.
The connector at my fuel pump was also extremely oxidized.  I bet it was getting very hot and the pump was not getting the voltage it craved.
(01-22-2015, 08:12 PM)SternWake Wrote: [ -> ]I acquired some Caig Deoxit  F5 fader lube, and sprayed it inside my 10 turn potentiometer that I have attached to my MeanWell RSP-500-15 to adjust voltage.
It was kind of crusty, and quit allowing smooth increases or decreases of voltage when adjusting up or down.

I opened up the pot just enough to get the red straw inside and gave a few blasts.
Now it is buttery smooth and dialing in  battery charging voltages to 0.01 is cakework.

I just found this article via a link in another. Thanks for posting.   Big Grin
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