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Full Version: Damp Rid
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Having moisture issues, then go and get some Damp Rid! Cheap and works Wink
Is Damp Rid significantly better than cat litter?
Not saying it's better or not, but I've been using these in my van

Not real cheap @ $20. but last a couple years or more, I toss 'em in the sun when I think of it.
If you use a product like Damp-Rid, instead of buying their refills just go out and purchase some Ice Melt -- calcium chloride --- and use that instead. It is the same stuff and vastly cheaper. I will be doing a post on this next month.
Considering this product is basically salt, should we worry about rust issues?
(12-21-2014, 02:29 PM)LeeRevell Wrote: [ -> ]Considering this product is basically salt, should we worry about rust issues?

Yes. I have heard reports from gun owners warning against using calcium chloride desiccants in gun safes because those who have done so find it causes corrosion.

I personally find that neither calcium chloride nor silica gel nor charcoal (??) is sufficient to deal with the moisture issues I encounter vandwelling in western Washington's rainy, humid, cold climate. I have put all three to quite thorough testing (though the charcoal was solely for air purifying, the fact I was using a bunch of it and then attempting to tackle my moisture issue speaks for itself).

Desiccants typically absorb moisture at a slow rate, thus they work best in enclosed environments where the rate of new moisture introduced can be less than the rate at which they're drawing it from the air.
Bitty, we live in the same climate. Smile

What do you prefer to do to reduce moisture?