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In my area the nearest walmart is a good hour away. I happened to be in the area so stopped by to take a look my 3rd time in a walmart. Got a rolling cart and with the best intentions walked down the rows of stuff
stopped to look at several items but nothing said "buy me buy me" Granted I have one of everything. In the end I had a large plastic oil change bucket and a big open end wrench to tighten my trailer hitch. Oh well,, I did not leave empty. I do see how bargain hunters would delight but not this bargain hunter. I'll stick with the secondary market.
I usually make it into the Walmart near the house a few times a year. They may have what I NEED, if not there are plenty of other stores around. For years we collected a lot of crap for the house that now that we are looking at down sizing, I have no idea of what to do with it all. With the trailer things that might to be nice to have someday just take up room for the things that we really will use. We cleaned it out to take it to the shop last year and I was amazed at how much of the stuff has never been used or maybe used once. Most of it went on a self in case we need it and that left two storage bays empty, I now have room for more battery where all of the "we might have hook ups" or 'We might have to rough it" things were stored.
Currently where I am at in Lubbock, every single day is Black Friday. Constantly pushing crowds, long lines and rude people. Been that way all year long. I will NOT shop there unless they are the only one in town carrying a particular item.
I live exactly 1 1/2 miles from one... I do whatever I can to avoid going into it. Hate the pushy crowds and stuff in the isles you can't get through. If I do have to venture in (ie. I can't get it somewhere else in town), I literally sit in the car for 5-10 minutes gearing up mentally. Then congratulate myself when I get back into the car and I didn't kill another shopper. lol gotta love it!
I avoid 'em if at all possible.

and those 2 - 3 times a year I do venture in, I go in with an agenda, get what I need, and get the heck OUT!!! YUK!!!
You gotta love Wally World!

The WalMartians that dress so funny, The people that let their children push every button on the noisemaking toys. The personal phone calls at full volume~~~. I go there for entertainment.
I go there to feel better about myself. Smile I do like their parking lots, they've come in handy many times.
When not on the road, I'm about an hour from 3 different Walmarts. I avoid them.

When on the road, they are my go-to place for spending the night until I get to my desired destination(s). When I'm in travel mode, I shop there, get my oil changed there, and have even purchased a set of tires from them. I figure it's the least I can do ... my way of saying "thank you" for letting me stay on their properties.

Suanne ... staying at a Walmart soon
I see there are some store snobs here. Big Grin Since I live on the road, Walmarts are a very convenient shopping stop for me. Since I hate shopping, it's nice to get it all done in one place with plenty of room to park. I never buy anything that's not on my list.
I buy groceries and ammo at Walmart. If you do not go very early or late it is a nightmare getting through the aisles and checking out.

Hate shopping there but it is hard to beat their price on food.
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