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I don't want anyone to think that this is a political thread, but one of the main motivators for living in a van is freedom.

The USA used to have freedom, but not so much anymore. Emails, cell phone and land line phone conversations are monitored, as are all activities on the web.

Political correctness PC is a worldwide disease that must be cured.

What ever happened to common sense? It's not so common anymore, is it?

Afraid to offend someone with your words? Remember the old school days when children sang "Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me."?

What about silly laws that are enacted to generate revenue for either the government or a special interest? For example, no sleeping in vehicles overnight. Pushed by the RV parks and campgrounds.

Laws fall into 2 categories:

1. Malum en se. Bad by itself. Murder, rape, robbery, things that we all agree are bad for society.

2. Malum ad prohibitum. Bad only by legislation, not morally bad. These normally have to do with paying taxes, parking in designated areas, a limit on your catch while fishing, things that are not generally accepted as bad behavior.

If I feel that a law is just and fair, I will obey it. If I feel that a law is unjust, I will break it. I am the master of my own life and I alone am responsible for my actions. I seek to do no harm to others, but I ask that others not butt into my life and tell me how to live.

We all have our own concept of right and wrong, and we must live by our own interpretation of that concept of right and wrong.

Yes, I do break laws regularly. I am comfortable with that and I do sleep very well at night.

I suspect that I am not alone in holding this belief on this forum.
We all break law on a regular basis, who could possibly know all the laws in the US and the 50 States!
66788, I whole heartedly agree! I once read that there are so many laws on the books today, that we are ALL criminals, guilty of breaking who-knows how many laws we are unaware even exist.
I really disagree with your "motto" about sticks and stones causing hard but not words. Words can hurt more deeply and have as long, and sometimes longer debilitating effects. I do hope that this reference was just used in a harmless, but unthinking, way.
There is no such thing as "freedom"... relatively speaking. When someone exercises their freedom, they are infringing on the freedom/rights of others. Freedom is something we give up as being part of society.
I don't actually see the point of posting on a public forum that anyone chooses which laws to obey and those to disregard. Knowing the consequences of not abiding by laws,either those written and enforced or those that are dictated by society should be in the forefront of someones decision whether to follow the law.

I am one of the ones who 'Thanked' Terry about the sticks and stones thing. Me? I am old and purely don't give rats ass what someone says as long as they don't put their hands on me... Or my family. But there are many people who will hand you your teeth if you decide to do the names thing. Since my time in the military I have tried to avoid direct confrontation, my temper is too bad and I hear jail is no fun, so I mind my manners and obey most laws.

Safe Travels. Bob J.
I agree with almost everything you stated 66788.. Except the creel/bag limits on fishing. It is unfortunate that these laws have to be enacted but without them there would be no fishing. All the fish would be gone. We have to leave at least some fish for a viable fishery, else there would be no fish left to perpetuate the species or left for others to enjoy. Some laws are absolutely required, most are, as you stated, complete and utter bullshit.
as I am basically a libertarian. I to agree. highdesertranger
Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

Least that is what me and Bobby Mcgee think.
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