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Full Version: Want to lay laminate flooring in my step van - Underlayment? Framing? Plywood...?
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So I'm going to use laminate flooring for my step van. I already got the laminate and some underlayment:

I was going to just tape the underlayment to the aluminum floor (it acts as vapor barrier too) and just lay the flooring on top, but I'm thinking that may not be enough insulation-wise (temperature and noise)...

Would it be better to have a layer of underlayment, then a layer of plywood, then another layer of underlayment and then the flooring? Could I just lay the plywood without making any holes in my floor or would it slide around?

Or would it be better to put some 1"x?? across the width of the van (glued to the floor??), fill the gaps with the underlayment stuff, screw plywood to the 1"x??s, another layer of underlayment and then the flooring?

Or...? Any better ideas??

id do ply screwed to level it it, underlayment then floor...its gonna be cold down there anyway.
I put down 1/2 inch polysio with 3/4 inch plywood on top that I screwed down with self tapping screws. You could probably use 1/2 inch or less plywood and would be a lot lighter but when anchoring bed frame and other items the 3/4 depth is very secure.

I found a remnant of linoleum that is in a wood floor pattern that I glued on top that I am very happy with and was super easy.
Just realized this is a step van. I not familiar with those floors at all.
I realize you already have the laminate but IIWM, I'd rethink that as the flooring of choice.

I have laminate in the living/dining area of my apartment and I sure wouldn't want it in a mobile home. Any liquid spills will lift the edges of the laminate, never to return to normal again. Think of getting into your living area directly from the outside while it's raining. Think of spilling your beer...Big Grin

It's also not very ding free. I have a couple of very visible dents in my floor from a clothes iron being dropped on it (I was teaching a couple of teens sewing skills...sigh).

While I love the look of hardwood flooring it's just not compatible with an outdoors lifestyle IMO. I'm going for wood look but in linoleum.
there are many types of "floating" floor products that would work well in a van. Go to some supply house and check it out. I would put at least 1/2 inch foam insulation on the floor with ply wood over that to protect the foam. then yopur choice of flooring.
My elderly Mom just had some nice wood grain vinyl flooring put in her home. They left her a couple large 'spare' pieces. I'll use them for my van.
I was thinking of this for my step van. Still kickin' it around. I would think the interlocking stuff would be good and then use aluminum angle (1/2" maybe) around the edges to hold it down. As for underlayment maybe 1/2" polyiso with 1/4" ply over top of that. I can't get to crazy with it because I have low ceilings to begin with. I am tagging along and hope to get some great ideas from this thread!
Something to consider about wood floors: how cold your bare feet feel when you step on the floor depends on two things: the temperature of the floor, and its thermal conductivity. If your floor is wood, no amount of insulation is going to make it warm, because wood conducts heat well enough that it sucks heat out of your feet into its own thermal mass. Even at 70degF, a wood floor feels cold. If your floor is wool carpet, it can be 30degF and not bother your feet. Of course, wool carpet is probably not the best flooring for a mobile house, for other reasons...
Yup. But it also looks nicer than my aluminum diamond plate. My feet would freeze to the floor from that thermal conductivity! I like the wood idea because it looks good and pretty easy to clean. Was thinking the wood floor and a cheap runner of carpet from Wally World would be a good option and the runner can be taken outside and beat clean and eventually thrown out and replaced by another cheap runner.
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