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Full Version: Carb cleaner spill in trunk of car
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Finally emptied my storage unit in Joshua Tree. Had an old paint can in a milk crate along with some odds and ends which I placed in the trunk to bring back to Orange County. During the drive back, I thought there was a smell like ether or naptha. Got home and opened the trunk and it was strong enough to almost knock you down. It was a can of old school carb cleaner with the dipping rack per the label. Has something with methyl as an ingredient.

So I took it by a mechanic and a carb shop and was told this product has been banned from California for years. I did some checking online and found that the County  hazardous waste site won't accept leaky cans and they haven't returned my call. A company that they refer to said could pay them 2 or 300 hundred to pick it up, however the lady said if I put the leaky can inside a sealed container, it might be accepted.

Anybody had a situation like this and how did you handle it? The fumes from the spill onto the trunk carpet are pretty overwhelming and surely must be toxic, do you think a helthy scoop of kitty litter tossed on it might help?
Had a can of 911 Diesel treatment spill in a semi truck, it went out the door quick. Kitty litter will absorb it but you will have the same problem of disposal. Put it all in a container and seal it if possible. At $200 to 300 for disposal, this doesn't encourage people to dispose of stuff properly.
your in my backyard. the hazardous waste station by the 57 and 91 fwy's will take it if it's in a sealed container. the mcfaddendale industrial hardware store right around the corner has brand new empty paint cans the old school type all metal. get one of those put your product in it seal it and turn it in. tell them you where cleaning out your dad's garage and found it. once your original container is empty you can throw it in the regular trash. highdesertranger
Worth a shot. The website is pretty clear about no leaks and the product being in the original container but at least if it is in a new metal paint can, I won't have to worry about leaks and smells for probably longer than I am going to still be alive. The fumes are awful, the carpeted spare tire floor cover got the brunt or all of it, that's what's stinking up the car, maybe in a short time it will dissipate.
Contains methylene chloride. Berryman B-9 Chem Dip. The old type. MSDS on Berryman site refers to product manufactured after 2011, this is the old stuff. Guy at Infotrac, the Emergency contact, said Berryman has final say and I should call their customer service and get the specific MSDS for this can. He said it is hazardous, pouring it in another new can is okay but it still must be disposed of properly. Told me that the soaked material must be disposed of as he doubts can be cleaned to remove all of the product soaked in. Boy, when I screw up,it's a doozy.
Think MEK is water soluble, turns milky white. We use to wash the carb. parts off in water back in the day.
   Every carb cleaner I have ever used evaporated very quickly. I'd say leave the trunk open and let it air out for a while and if you can blast the rest into a pan and let it disappear.
  If it was so toxic that limited exposure was a serious issue there wouldn't be many living auto mechanics around. Smile
That is a very dangerous solvent. Be careful. In my part of the world, most government contracted waste collection services have a "hazardous waste collection day". Check at your city hall.
(01-22-2015, 07:07 AM)ccbreder Wrote: [ -> ]That is a very dangerous solvent. Be careful. In my part of the world, most government contracted waste collection services have a "hazardous waste collection day". Check at your city hall.

I talked to Dan Mallen, Berryman's chemist, who echoed what you said about the danger. He also said the most dangerous chemicals will evaporate first but the strong smell, from the crescylic acid(sure that's misspelled) will take a long time to do so. He said the best way to remove it is to use toluene but okay to let it just dissipate which will take weeks under present weather conditions. The MSDS is for their product#0905. 

By the way, I was able to sweet talk the lady into taking the can at the Hazardous Collection facility that highdesertranger suggested. I put the original can inside an empty kitty litter pail.

Thanks to all who responded. Every reply was helpful and on target here, unlike at an unnamed by me truckers forum that I asked for help at.

Definitely know which forum to go for help in the future.

Thanks again to all.
I agree with water soluble, it is! Used it for many years my self and we always just rinsed it off with tap water. Indeed your trunk is going to eventually be odor free but will take months, seriously. 
Id be flushing with water myself and if there are no drain holes, suck it up with a wet dry vac. Several times, this won't get rid of it right away but it will help greatly speed up the process by diluting whats in there. PIA I know.