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It's gets pretty hot here in the summer and I will be sleeping part of the day up to noon
I can find shady spots but I wonder what can I do additionally to keep cool when sleeping ?
Not much...sleep at night if possible, if not then sleep early morning or late evening. i divide my sleep in half, since i work nights, to achieve this.

Keep where ever you are located in the bed away from the direction of the sun. if your sleeping in the back point the front into the sunrise for example. Use reflective sunshade of course, insulate cab from rear. If you can park near water, it is usually a few degrees cooler.
Cover/insulate every piece of metal in the sleeping area. Any exposed metal becomes a radiating heater into the space. Get a white vehicle if possible, or paint it white, or paint the roof bright white.
Martin, just spent the last forty minutes looking at your $800 conversion page and clicking on all the links. Nice!

But - now I have to take a whole lot of new notes to myself :~) ... thanks! Lots of good info.
Belchfire, not sure if you need stealth, but read on this form from Bob about putting a vent hole with screen on the bottom floor of a van. Then a roof top vent with a fan. The idea was you drawl air from under the van, the coolest spot, and vent it out the top. The vent hole they where taking about has a cap the screws on and seals during driving so not to get fumes in the van.

The noise from the fan would help me sleep - too.
Just read about this swamp cooler design today. Thought it was actually on this forum, but no luck finding it. Either way, the design on this looks doable and the concept is solid. I will be making one this summer to try it myself, hopefully the info helps! See link below...
I seem to recall somewhere here...... plywood on or under a rack on the roof? The idea is that you have a space between, or sumpin' like that? Anybody remember that post?
IIRC, that is one of Bob's ideas, and I plan to use it too. Paint the top white, it should block a lot of sun heat.
To find the write-up on roof rack with plywood for shade and solar,

Do this.

Use Van Conversion drop-down at top of page

Select - Inspiration-Charlene's story

Good stuff!

Bear in mind that all the things we're suggesting are good, but at the best all they will do is keep the van at outside temperature. If it's 110 outside, without these measures it could be 150 inside. With them it will be 110 inside.

Still pretty darned hot!

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