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Full Version: Van dwelling with tent
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I was wondering if living in a van is fine, along with you sleeping in a small tent, that is only used for sleeping. How it would work,nand if you've ever thought of it before. It definitely would save a lot of space!
Would make it much harder, if not impossible, to stop overnight at Walmarts, Truck Stops, etc.

Major PITA to set a tent up in the rain.

Stealth urban stays totally imposible.

Lot of negatives to such a system.
Keeping a small tent in your van is a good idea because it provides a lot of options. I think that you should still have the van set up for your main sleeping area but a tent can be used as emergency shelter if your van is in the repair shop. It can also be used for overnight guests and as a storage area while long term boondocking on public land.
One of my next purchases will be a tent I had never seen before called a TailVeil .While it wouldn't be for stealth camping it is for me a perfect solution for other camping. Blush Please google it as I don't know how to post a link. The whole set up goes over the open tailgate and around the bumper with no poles just 4 corner stakes for the 8 foot square base.With the rainfly in place you have privacy to sponge bathe,change clothes,use your potty etc.I also see it as extra space for my kitties to roam.I'm also going to get some sort of weights for the corners if I'm camping on a surface that is to hard to pound the stakes into or very windy days. Any opinions or anyone ever used one?
I carry an Ozark-Trail-6-Person-Instant-Dome-Tent. When I get to my camping spot, I can set the tent up next to the van to keep anyone else from parking right next to me.  I don't sleep in it, although I could.  The van is just so compfy.  I set up a table next to it, and some lawn chairs, and play guitar.  I can put my junk in the tent, and if I want to go somewhere, the tent helps keep my camping spot for me.  The tent makes shade for me to sit in, or I can actually sit in the tent.

But, I may need to get a small, beach type tent.  Some festivals I go to are "walk-in", you park in the parking lot and carry all your junk in.  No golf carts, so these type festivals have a much younger crowd.  I figure I can walk in with a little beach tent, the kind you just throw and it's set up, a lawn chair, a small cooler, and a bag of toys (harmonicas, ukulele, etc).  I won't sleep there like everyone else, I'll just have my spot claimed.  I can sit there, drink beer, get out of the sun, then walk back to the van to sleep, get more beer, etc.
I have had the older version of the Ozark Trail Jr. for over a decade. Small, light(under 3lbs) and takes minutes to setup.

Works for me and takes up only a little more space than a pair of pants. Aside from the obvious uses I figured I can use it as a "shed" or maybe "mud room" whenever I start boondocking with my van.
I'd never seen that TailVeil before - that's the first thing I've seen that would help make those pod trailers with the kitchen in the back not quite so ludicrously impractical in a mere drizzle.
I like that TailVeil. It would be a nice option for my minivan when camping! It has a rainfly too. I will need to show it to my buddy who has a wee Teardrop TT with the rear lift kitchen door.
I wonder if there's an equivalent for a cargo van with regular rear doors? Something tall enough to cover or fit into the entire doorway area somehow.... Would be a great way to air out the van while enjoying some mosquito-free outdoor time.....
Don't know if you can buy them, but I definitely plan to make one for myself when the time comes. I was stewing on ways to do it just a couple of weeks ago. I would make a screen and a canvas version.
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