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Full Version: my Detroiter
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this is my detroiter 8 x 41 park model

Dad bought it back in 78 or so, my brother lived in it for a spell or maybe two.
then it was used as storage, now it is mine, the plumbing needs reworked, and the roof has a leak.
anyway, I believe these trees are the best theft prevention aroung...but I do need to take care of a couple, they may ruin the front glass and make the front door impossible to get in or out of, but with two doors?? Big Grin

I do like the birchwood interior
Congratulations! I LOVE the birch paneling. Will this be your homebase?
Thank you Cindi!
I had not thought of a home base...this would be a good place for that!
Sweet! Poof, instant cabin on a wooden lot no less.
Lovin the marble pattern Marlite on the bathroom walls

Looks like a great home base as long as the property rights are secure, IE: you cannot be told to remove the trailer, etc.

Nice, congrats!!!
looks cool. if you ever have to move it make sure it has good tires and repack the wheel bearings. highdesertranger
Yep, High desert, pretty sure that the electric brakes and the lights are in poor condition also.
it will mostlikey sit here for a lot longer Smile