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Full Version: Reduce all your stuff to a five gallon bucket
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Could you reduce the stuff you own? Yes this is just about backpacking, but still we all need less stuff.
It would be real hard to put the cedar chest David made me for a wedding present 35 years ago into a 5 gallon bucket. Nor would I want to. I have lost almost everything I owned in a house fire years ago (the cedar chest was in our shop having a little cosmetic work done to it). I am not owned by stuff. But I do have stuff I like and prefer to keep. You want to live in a 5 gallon bucket? More power to you. I figure I have scaled down enough as my home is about 250sf.
(02-11-2015, 09:23 AM)offroad Wrote: [ -> ]

Could you reduce the stuff you own?  Yes this is just about backpacking, but still we all need less stuff.

Nope, not even close...not even on my backpacking or canoe trips! But that's because I use synthetic quilts instead of down. They don't compress into balls the size of baseballs like down does. Mine are more like basketballs. Smile

That said, yes I can get everything I need for a summer trip into a 60L dry bag except for the PFD, paddle etc.

But that's only for a few days trip not for a lifetime.

That's why I have a I can carry enough of my stuff to live with on a long term basis.

I've decided that I'm keeping the cargo trailer I already own so that some of my more precious stuff won't have to be discarded. It will stay parked while I wander the continent. When I make the eventual move to the west coast, I'll take it with me cross country and find a new parking spot for it.

When the day comes that I get way too old to wander, I'll either gift the precious stuff to the kid cause I'm headed for a nursing home or have it to clutter a permanent home again.
Could I do this? Yeah, I could. I am not attached to really much except some sentimental trinkets. I don't eBay or Craig list stuff I am done using, I give it to someone who can use it or to the nearest Goodwill store. Not looking for praise lol, just saying that monetary stuff is easy for me to leave behind. I would have to spend some money to make sure I had what I needed in that bucket, but I could and prob at some time in the future will for excursions into wooded areas or what not. Things can be replaced easily enough, not sentimental things, but for some people, sentimentality is not what it is to other people.
I couldn't do it.
Could you also use the bucket as a toilet?
(02-11-2015, 11:18 AM)skyl4rk Wrote: [ -> ]Could you also use the bucket as a toilet?

No idea why, but this comment ambushed my funny bone...spent a few minutes laughing. I think the challenge is more about demonstrating what you can get to fit inside the bucket. I don't think you actually backpack with the bucket. But if you did and you wanted to, poo away in a bucket! 8-)
Good one, I like that!!!!
I agree with Compassrose, I can't do it nor do I want to. I understand the sentiment behind it, I even admire it as a goal. But it isn't how I want to live.

I do know a guy who has lived on a bike for over a year, and he can't do it either. It all fits in a duffle bag and a day pack, but not in a 5-gallon bucket.

We all need some level of comfort we aren't willing to go below as a life-style. That level is different for all of us and there is no right or wrong to it. None of us can pass judgement on anyone else for having "too much."
When I am sick, I want all the comfort I can get. Oh heck, I am all about the comfy all the time! Big Grin
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