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Full Version: Everything is Frozen
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I can't wait to get out of this state. All the water in my jugs and pots is frozen solid. With no relief in site. Single digits for the next 4 days. I am tired of the snot sickles. March can't come soon enough!
Oh yeah... This is a place called New Jersey.
Come to Colorado. We have been in the 70's and busting records for a week. Smile
Trust me, I have applications in coast to coast. Waiting for the right offer and I am out of here. Currently I have an interview for a job in southeast Washington state. Something will present itself soon enough. I have has enough of this bipolar weather.
This is how everyone around here is feeling. I fully expect brawls to be breaking out around the neighborhood with regard to where people are piling their snow

(02-13-2015, 06:24 PM)jimindenver Wrote: [ -> ]Come to Colorado. We have been in the 70's and busting records for a week. Smile

Nice! I want to buy some land in Colorado and have been trying to find an area that the winters are very mild. From what weather stuff I was looking at and trying to decipher, is the very south east counties where I want to be? What counties would you suggest?

cdiggy, do you use a heater and still getting ice?
Below zero temps and another big pile of snow coming tomorrow here in New England.
you guys are amazing living in your vans in those temperatures you are my heroes.......I don't think I could do it. hail to the kings of vandwelling ....... you guys are the real vandwellers of the year.
No heat and in the middle of reinsulating. It sucks poop through a straw. Lucky for me the poop is frozen.
Never felt like a prisoner in a place until this winter- normally I'm in the SE by this time. Family BS has me in northern Vt for the winter.
Gonna be an auction in the spring, and I'll be full timing B4 next winter.
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