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Full Version: Need advice gluing foam to aluminum
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Going to bite the bullet and buy owing Corning foamular board and glue it to the aluminum in my step van. Looking for opinions on the right adhesive to afix it to the aluminum shell. Any advice would be great!
3M 77 adhesive would be my choice. Crap I just thought of something though, they reformulated it a while back so now I don't know if it would harm the foam board. If you can find some one that has some you could test a piece, I don't have any of that type foam here.
I used foam board adhesive from one of the big hardware stores. I can't remember the brand but it was a black red and yellow tube.
(02-14-2015, 06:23 PM)flying kurbmaster Wrote: [ -> ]I used foam board adhesive from one of the big hardware stores. I can't remember the brand but it was a black red and yellow tube.
That worked on your aluminum box? From one Kurbmaster to another I say this: I will hunt that stuff down! My kurby is an 83 btw Smile

I am assuming it came on a caulk gun cartridge?
yes it came in a cartridge, to be honest I have to assume it worked, at least for a while. I used it to glue the foam board to the wall then the ply to the foam board then I installed cabinets, shelves, windows that all went in front of or sandwiched everything else so if the foam ever did let go I wouldn't know, but it is not obvious,

This used to come in a black red and yellow container. Same name
I've used both Liquid Nails, and 3M spray adhesive with great success on various projects.

In a previous thread, I thought you had a bus rather than a steppy.

Cargo vans and steppy's are not as easy to insulate as many wish to believe. You need insulation that will wick the moisture to the inside away from the skin to prevent mold build up. If you trap that moisture, which will magically appear on the inside of the skin, you will be creating problems down the line. You can't prevent that from happening, so you have to deal with it accordingly, by wicking it to the inside where you can then dissipate it.
Liquid Nails will still "eat" foam board. We used LN to glue the Foamular to the metal sheeting because they were out of PL300 and it wasn't available locally (we were in a very small town at the time... drove 70 miles just to buy pink Foamular). A couple panels turned loose and there were melted hollowed out places where the LN was spread. I don't know about 3M Spray adhesive. Use the stuff that is made for foam. You are paying for insulation, you may as well keep it rather than melting it away with the wrong adhesive. But you are an adult. You can make your own choices.

LN = $2.52
PL300 = $3.58
If I remember correctly, cdiggy is currently staying where the temps are sub zero.  I would wonder if a glue, which would ordinarily work fine at "room temperature", would work at all when applied to metal that cold?

Maybe you could find a heated garage or other space to work in?

PL300 that's the stuff

Off Grid 24/7 what do you mean by wicking, why would a step van or cargo van be any different then a regular van.
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