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Full Version: Bluetooth portable speaker
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I got sick of wires getting caught on things when I have my phone and a speaker in my tool belt.  I also worry about stressing the 3.5MM jack on the phone by always having a cord plugged into it.

Also, I lent my  former wired portable speaker:
to a friend for an outing, and apparently it decided it had lived for long enough.

While I was impressed with the sound coming from such a small lightweight speaker, the technology was ancient, by technology's standards anyway.

So Now that I've been a smart phone owner for a year now, I decided to acquire a small Bluetooth speaker that claims to last for 8 hours and charges from a USB port.  (0.5 amperes at 5v, 2.5 watts)  most smart phones can consume twice that amount of current.

I chose this product for the relatively small size:

It arrived today, paired with my phone quickly, and has impressive sound and volume.  Got some weight to it, feels solid and well built.

It won't take much Lead acid battery juice to charge, and uses much less juice than my Van's stereo does just turned on and not even playing music.  Sometimes, when I stream movies my laptop speakers are inadequate, and plugging into my Stereo is just overkill, this would be perfect, and wireless too, but it is not stereo. Not a concern for me.

Anyway, for 25$, I'm happy.  I'll see how long the battery lasts tomorrow, if I decide to put in 8 hours worth or work.

It comes with a micro USB charging cable, and a double male 3.5MM stereo mini plug if one chooses to use the wired/non bluetooth option.

I have not been able to detect any difference in sound quality between BT and wired, which surprised me.

My Phone seems to decide to unpair from it on occasion, as it decided to do with my sister's Bo$e bluetooth speaker.  It could not have been a distance thing as it was mere inches away.  Not sure what is up with that, but pretty sure it is the phone's fault, not the speakers'.

Just an option for somebody wanting some fairly good sound quality for not a lot of battery consumption.
Any particular reason other than size that you chose this one? I'm scanning through Amazon's offerings. Quite a few of them have good reviews, and wow! there's a bunch to choose from!

I'm thinking I could pair this with my iPod Touch. I've also got USB charging outlets in a couple places in the camper as well as the truck.

There are 3 or 4 different names to this product and this one was the cheapest.  Many good reviews of other products. I can't really remember why I bookmarked this particular one a few weeks back, but as soon as I had enough bank to make a purchase I just clicked the bookmark, and placed the order.

I think some of the other offerings are indeed smaller, but the smaller, the less bass there can be, so this one seemed like a nice tradeoff, and so far so good.

I did not bother  working today so no battery life estimate at higher volumes on BT, yet
(02-26-2015, 07:17 PM)SternWake Wrote: [ -> ]I did not bother  working today so no battery life estimate at higher volumes on BT, yet

"I did not bother  working today"

LOL! Ain't it great?   Big Grin

Post up your power usage info when you have it. I'm thinking I need one of these.


(02-27-2015, 08:45 AM)psytechguy Wrote: [ -> ]"I did not bother  working today"

LOL! Ain't it great?   Big Grin

Post up your power usage info when you have it. I'm thinking I need one of these.



Well, I did bother working a bit today.  The speaker lasted 5 hours at near max volume on Bluetooth, and it never lost connectivity. I have no idea how much longer it could have lasted. The deep bass tones were not distorted after those 5 hours, which occurs with other battery powered speakers, IME.

I was wearing gloves, which made it hard to fast forward past undesired songs on my phone. Used my tongue, but then remembered the fast forward buttons on bottom of speaker, which worked well.  The Volume Up and fast forward button are one in the same.  One has to hold it down for volume UP and it beeps when the levels increase.  But a quick tap just cues the next song.

I originally thought this a dumb design, but it works well enough.  The surface the speaker is placed on really affects the sound volume and quality.
It lasted 10 hours yesterday at 3/4+ volume. The battery was not dead, and later powered it for another 4 hours at lesser volumes.

I bought a USB power meter, so i can see how much energy it takes to recharge, and can then guestimate how long the battery can last, and how much it takes from the lead acid battery to recharge after X amount of hours playtime.
  I was using the speaker with a cord on My Tv, and it fell.  Now the 3.5mm stereo mini plug no longer works.  It only works on Bluetooth.

I opened it up and tried to resolder where the receptacle mates with the circuit board, but the solder tabs were too small and access too restricted and i was unsuccessful.

Otherwise, using the speaker for several hours daily. Battery life is not a concern, and my USB power meter shows it only draws 0.40a maximum when charging, or right around 2 watts.

Charging most  Android phones consume more than twice that wattage for upto twice as long depending on battery size and level of depletion.