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Full Version: The Hard Part of Downsizing-- My Tools
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Sitting here sorting and evaluating my tools, far harder than I thought it was going to be.  I have the remains of several businesses worth of tools, many are very specialized and near irreplaceable, but also likely of little use in the future.

What was the hardest part of downsizing for you?

I'm sitting here in the same boat.  A career and a lifetime of tools plus some that were my dads and grandfathers.   I may just put them  in storage. Sentimentality can get expensive.
Tools for me as well.
Sentimental stuff - like my Dads weapons and truck are tough too.
Think of it this way: Tools are meant to be used, not sit in storage. Find someone who will really appreciate them, use them, and take good care of them. Then, either give the tools away or sell them at a deep discount.

I sold most of mine to a friend who used them to build his own house.
(03-01-2015, 10:09 PM)Howiet Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sitting here in the same boat.  A career and a lifetime of tools plus some that were my dads and grandfathers.   I may just put them  in storage. Sentimentality can get expensive.

Same here.  I have my own tools, and those of my late father.  He was a big-time DIYer, and so I have a lot of large heavy power tools that I will likely never use.  Gave one large overhead miter saw to a friend, have another friend going to take the Jointer/Planer.  I am keeping the floor-type drill press and table-top router.  Have a boxfull of drills and jig saws too.
In time I will start putting together complete tool kits of the hand tools, and selling/giving away what I don't need.
You have to ask yourself the same question you ask about anything else you own:

"Am I ever going to use this again?"

If you are tentative about van dwelling, if you are not sure if it will work out or not, then perhaps it makes sense to carefully store them away in a storage unit for awhile.

Perhaps, somewhere down the road, you can establish a base where you could set up a shop and have electric and water connections for your van.

But once you are sure you will never use them again, you should sell them and use the money as a special treat - perhaps a trip to Hawaii or Italy or something like that.

Btw, my father was also a huge DIYer, and built the house I grew up in.  I still have the hammer he used to build it, and will take that with me on the road, because everybody needs a hammer, right?

My brother will get the rest of his tools.

I CAN'T afford to pay someone else to do repairs/maintenance on my rig and need all my tools.. just gotta figure out how to haul them around. ..Willy.
I too have this dilemma. while I carry more tools then most people, I have way to many to carry all. hopefully when I go full time I can talk my sister and brother-in-law to let me stock there shop. the rest will get sold, this will be hard because I believe one should not sell gold, silver, guns, and tools. highdesertranger
Tools on my bigrig going coast to coast.

1/4 Dewalt impact gun
1/2 Dewalt impact gun
Impact sockets 1/4 bits
Stanley 1/2 chromium sockets
Knipex Cobra plies
Ratcheting wrenches sae and metric
Vise Grips Gorilla Tape
12v Tester light

This combo is my absolutely bare minimum. I had a whole 10x20 storage unit full of mostly sentimental items and tools. Once I decided to give most of my possessions away to the truly poor, I never felt more liberated in my life.

I live in a semi truck, but I'm rich n spirit. I'm glad 2000 lbs of tools aren't keeping from living the simple life.

I've learned in a jamb, most auto part stores will lend you all the tools you need provided you don't leave the property.
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