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Full Version: Should I bother Insulating a Shuttle Bus?
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Ok, so Janet and I have pretty much settled on buying a converting a 15 passenger shuttle bus. 
It's bigger than a van yet more customizable than a small RV.
The one potential problem I'm seeing is that they all pretty much have huge windows running the entire length of the bus which I foresee being a pain when it comes to insulating, unless I insulate over the windows which I'd not sure would look very good. 

So, I'm wondering how effective it would be if I just insulated around the windows, or if I should even bother with insulation at all. We won't be dealing with extreme temperatures for the most part. 70% of our trip won't have temps over 75 or below 45 and we'll only have 3 days below freezing and 2 of those we'll be indoors. Will we be better off spending the money elsewhere?

What are my best options?
Here are the average highs and lows for out trip and how many days in each range.

Average Low Temps

24 to 27 degrees = 3 Days

33 to 34 degrees = 3 Days
37 to 40 degrees = 32 Days
41 to 45 degrees = 66 Days
46 to 50 degrees = 120 Days
51 to 55 degrees = 84 Days
57 to 60 degrees = 32 Days
61 to 65 Degrees = 26 Days

Average High Temps
28 Degrees = 1 Day
47 Degrees = 1 Day
52 Degrees = 1 Day
61 to 65 Degrees = 36 days
66 to 70 Degrees = 65 Days
71 to 75 Degrees = 154 Days
76 to 80 Degrees = 52 Days
81 to 85 Degrees = 42 Days
86 to 90 Degrees = 14 Days

Average Overall Low = 49 degrees
Average Overall High = 74 degrees
Average Overall Humidity = 65%
Average Overall Altitude = 1521
You might want to insulate the roof which is your source of some of the greatest heat loss and gain and the lower portion of the bus and also make up insulating curtains or inserts for the windows.

A 75 degree day in the sunshine will heat the inside of a vehicle to way above the 75 degree outside temp when closed up.

Also, you'll probably be covering over some of those windows so that you can have full height cabinets, closets and a bathroom so behind those full height things you can also insulate fully there.
I agree with Almost There. Make insulating inserts for the windows and insulate behind any windows that you cover. If the windows don't open consider replacing some of them with RV windows so that you'll have good ventilation. The bus will stay cool even on hot days as long as you have good ventilation, park with the sun on the front or back and stay with light colors for the exterior.

Condensation is a big problem with single pane windows in cool wet climates. If you decide to keep the bus after your initial trip replacing the windows with dual pane is a really good upgrade.
The problem with inserts is that shuttle bus windows are pretty big. Removable inserts for 4 to 8 big windows is going to take a lot of storage space when not being used, which means they will probably end up staying in all the time. At that point I might as well cover them permanently.

Keep in mind that I will also have AC and a Mr Heater available.
Just so everyone can see what we're talking about, we're looking at getting an older model of one of these
[Image: 1A-2013_turtle_top_van_terra_pass.jpg]

[Image: L1020296.gif]
[Image: L1020287.gif]
Not the best kind of windows. Mine has a slide window in the uper 1/4. This let me take out some of the lower sections and replacing w/ alum. I could then insulate behind that and skin the inside. Some of those windows should be "emergency exits" and hinge at the top. We swing those out and prop them out w/ a bit of 1x2 when it's warm and we want a breeze.
I do cover the lower 3/4 pretty often, living in a fish bowl is not fun and it's worse at night.
I'd skip worrying about insulation and just make sure you get one with opening windows, preferably at the top if the whole window doesn't open. That will keep you much more comfortable than any amount of insulation.
Decide how many you want to leave uncovered and use 2 inch styrofoam for the rest and mount it permanently.
How do you hide the styrofoam from the outside? Paint it black?
(03-14-2015, 01:24 AM)Matt71 Wrote: [ -> ]How do you hide the styrofoam from the outside? Paint it black?

Some people use the same fabric that they're using for the rest of the window treatments either by putting the curtains in place but closed or by adhering it to the outside of the wall so that it looks the same outside.

Painting it black makes it a heat magnet.
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