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Full Version: Death Valley or Mojave
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Having a hard time determining part of our travel route.
We'll be driving from Sequoia National Forest to Las Vegas and can't decide of we want to drive 5 hours through Death Valley or Mojave.
Driving distance is nearly identical, so we're thinking it's going to be all about the scenery.

Which is better?
death valley, no competition. however you need to spend some time there, if you are just driving through and not checking things out it really doesn't matter. what time of year? death valley in the summer gets scorching. we are talking 110-120 as normal. the Mojave gets hot but it's a little higher altitude so a little cooler. in death valley the race track playa is a must see that everybody should visit. I can name all kind of places to visit there. teakettle jct, Lippincott mine, Scotty's castle, etc, etc. I could go on for hours. if anybody wants to go to death valley right know is the time to go. highdesertranger
I have to agree, Death Valley is a great place to take time and explore. If you will just be driving through and not stopping i would take the Mojave route. Why drive into a deep hole only to have to climb out of it on the other side?
We'd be there in mid May
There's no reason we can't spend a few days there
Another vote for Death Valley!
Both will be hotter than hell in May.
My vote is for the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine CA. If you can't do both, I'd do Alabama Hills before either Death Valley or Mojave. 
O man I have always wanted to see Death Valley.....I vote for that and hope you share lots of photos!!! Man do I miss the desert! Peaceful Day!
I think we're going to go with Death Valley. I've wanted to see the Racetrack for a while now and didn't realize that's where it was.
We probably won't stay more than a day or two due to the heat.
oops I said this was the time of year, then I looked it was 99 yesterday(3/17/15). I would check with the temps. the race track is at the north end of the old Death Valley there are not any paved roads in the area, last time I was there the pavement ended at Scotty's Castle. everything north of that was on well maintained gravel roads. highdesertranger
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