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Full Version: Point counter-point East vs. West let’s get ready to rumble!
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Point counter-point East vs. West let’s get ready to rumble!

As a counter point to Mr. Wells recent blog post I will go over some of the fine points of living within some the original 13 colonies plus the state of Florida in the winter months has it’s advantages.
Lack of FREE camping is an issue but with real estate it’s all about location, location and location. It will be four years that I have been living for three seasons (spring, summer and fall) in my 35 foot two bedroom park model trailer in the Upper Lehigh Gorge in the Western Pocono Mountains of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
There is no such thing as a free lunch in the northeast but when you consider the cost of property, real estate property taxes and utilities and that my direct costs of lot rent, electric, water, sewer and by not paying any real estate or personal property taxes my costs of less that $200 per month, but for only the eight months per year I reside here and my trailer is on site for 12 months a year, so I have need no storage unit to keep my worldly possessions.
Between Memorial Day and Labor my world is heaven on earth with an average high temperature in July of 78 degrees. I survive with no air conditioning in the shade of old growth hemlock and beech trees. The Delaware and Lehigh heritage trail is less than ¼ mile from my house, when completed you will be able to hike/bike from Washington’s Crossing on the Delaware River in the south then all the way to Binghamton NY in the north. The entire upper Lehigh River from White Haven to Jim Thorpe has state park status and will never be forested. The 15k acres of Hickory Run State park is less than 3 miles from my home and there are 400 campsites for the minimalist RV crowd.
My summer home is located both about 100 miles from New York City and Philadelphia. The bus to NYC is 10 miles away and the Philly bus is 5 miles away with FREE parking at these locations. Once in NYC or Philly you can make a bus or train connection to anywhere in North America. The Greyhound from NYC to Montreal has new buses on that run with free wi-fi and an outlet to plug in your computing device at your seat. You can also make a daily bus connection to Atlantic City five miles away, and with the casino rebates you can enjoy a free day at the beach and forgo the hassle of driving and the exurbanite costs of the toll roads and bridges.
The amount of cruise ships departing from the NYC passenger ship terminal is huge especially from April to November when the ships are going to Bermuda. The passenger ship terminal is less than 1.5 miles away for the efferent Port Authority bus terminal and the cab fare is $10 one way including tip.
In conclusion I must digress from this rant and say the west is the best to cull the existing population to make more room for me and the rest of the hardy folks that can handle the occasional noise and humidity.
P.S. lots of free camping published and unpublished in Florida but you will have to buy my book coming summer 2017 for more information.
I too currently prefer the East Coast, though seldom getting above the ol' Masey-Dixie Line. Been to NYC and Boston while in the Navy - did the basic 'Country Bumpkin lost in the Big City' thing, and have no desire to repeat it.
NC and SC have their charm. Must get to Savanah, Ga. one day.
The Navy also gave me the opportunity to check out the once great state of confus.... uh... California. Saw San Francisco when it was still fun, not crazy. Saw Sacremento. Enjoyed the Valejo/Vacaville area then (early eighties) but hear it has fallen on bad times since.
Drove through Texas, Aridzona and New Mexico - would like to revisit them with more time to look around.
But Florida will always be 'home'. I'd miss the gators......
I give you that. I like the hardwood forests best. It's a shame it got so damn cold this winter.
Been on the east coast for the last 25 years. The next time I leave it will be for good. The scenery is better. The people are different. Everything about it appeals to me. Cali I would never consider as a home but all the other states are great. As an NJ resident I will miss striped bass fishing and flounder season ... Everything else though? I have had enough of.
(03-19-2015, 01:47 PM)ccbreder Wrote: [ -> ]I give you that. I like the hardwood forests best. It's a shame it got so damn cold this winter.

I was in Florida from mid-November thru mid-March so the 17.6 average mean temperature in February had no effect on my osteoarthritis in my lumbar area and the bursitis in my hip.
back east nay, to many people and not enough gold. highdesertranger
Kipling said it best:  'East is east and west is west and ne'er the twain shall meet'.  [Of course, I know he was speaking of a different geographical schism].  Being born and raised in the west, this is where I belong, although I have traveled extensively.  I would never try to 'sell' the west on easterners.  They wouldn't understand and, frankly, they probably belong where they are.  Big Grin
Almost all the really scenic stuff - The great mountains, the great deserts, the National Parks, are in the west. 

People usually see them on a fast vacation - "If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium."

I'm looking forward to spending MONTHS in each of them, getting the real feel for them, photographing them in all kinds of light and all kinds of weather.

Midwesterner here, kinda sandwiched in between the fruitcakes and crazies.
(03-19-2015, 07:29 PM)skyl4rk Wrote: [ -> ]Midwesterner here, kinda sandwiched in between the fruitcakes and crazies.
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