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Full Version: Heading out to AZ
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 This week (Friday ) I am flying out to my property in St Johns area Arizona Wink
I will be living in my campervan for at least a year and maybe longer  Huh
I do not post much at present as i really do not have much experience to share 
,but I have learned a lot here to help me in making this move  Wink
i mentioned before that Jeff at
has been very helpfull and i hope that our internet friendship continues
 though he will only be 60 miles away we can maybe 
meet up and help each other on projects 
I have a youtube channel where i will be posting vids though it will just be a record 
not a highly polished website as i am not that computer savvy plus i wont have any internet till i go to town once a week
 and only know enough to make my computer gasp LOL. Blush
a friend is going to drive one of my vehicles to the property and i will video our progress 
for the future even though it s kind of out the way i would like to welcome anyone passing by to stay over 
and share any services i am able to offer
 a member here (SCAR) was very welcoming when i travelled last year 
looking for properties.
my channel is in my name ROY Dredge i dont have any problems posting that as i dont worry about that kind of thing 
Kind offer about staying a few if out your way. Looking forward to seeing your homesteading adventures. Make sure to post here every once in a while when you have new videos. Good luck & enjoy!
I'll be looking forward to following along on your adventure, Roy! You must be excited!

Thanks for the invite! Hopefully, I can stop, in on my way annual eastward trek next year.
Got you saved on YT. Nice classic van.

We came back down thru that area after our summer trip to N.M. and Colo.
Maybe we'll drift by one day.

Will look forward to your vids.
Can you give us any particulars on the land and its location and anything you can about the area too?
i will be taking pix and video all will be revealed
Very cool
very cool, good luck, keep us up to date. highdesertranger
I was looking at some land in the area, I was born in Arizona but, I'm not familiar with St John's.

The area is approx 240 miles east of Flagstaff and similar difference north of Phoenix its a relatively small town though it is the county seat for Apache
the other towns reasonable close by are Sho Low,Snowflake,Sanders,  Eager
Good Luck
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