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Full Version: Hot Tube Fridge??
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I'm sorta behind on the fridge options. I know to stay away from the cheapo cold boxes like Coleman, etc. I hear a lot about the good fridges that cost $500-600.

Question is...
At Flying J/Pilot I saw a fridge for $200 that says "Hot Tube Technology" on the box. It looks kinda like a dorm fridge, but runs on 12V or 120V.
I'm assuming it would need venting to get rid of heat and maybe a computer fan behind it.

Is anyone using one of this type??
Unless I miss my guess, that is a way of reusing the difference between hot and cold more efficiently.

What brand was it?

I was not aware it had been marketed yet. It is great in the lab...
I can't find anything online about a fridge using 'hot tube technology'

Somewhat off topic but in the last 36 hours my extra insulated Vitrifrigo c51is( front loading compressor fridge) has consumed 19.62AH to maintain 33.5F internals, according to the inline meter I attached on its input 36 hours ago. Nighttime lows mid 50's daytime highs mid 70s.
If it is a thermoelectric fridge, run away. gsfishes link claimed 6 amps. Pretty sure these have 100% duty cycle so this would consume 144 AH in 24 hours and can only maintain temps 40 degrees below ambient.

That is basically 12 times less efficient than a compressor fridge.
If that's the one that you were looking at it's another version of the fridges that are power hogs and will only cool to 40degrees cooler than the ambient temperature.

The top opening ones that operate the same way are in the $100 range.
Yeah, that's the type those are.
I wasn't real sure, but I knew I'd find some help here.
I certainly don't want anything that requires that much power.

I'll continue to save for the right one.

Thanks y'all Smile