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Full Version: Length,Width, and Open Space
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After over a year in my current vehicle I've learned much about my wants and needs.

Current vehicle is a Trans Van 26.5 ft long, 8 ft wide, with 7.5 ft from floor to roof.

I find the length is more than I need, and really want, maybe 22 ft or less would work as well or even better.

The wide body is a definite plus, gives a feeling of much more room than previous vans I've had.

I could live with less height, but then I'm short.

I have a side door rather than the rear door of many Trans Van have and I find that to be a Major plus, lets me setup an entry/living area that can use the passenger and driver seats as more than travel seating.  I have the front 8 ft as a living area, but three feet of that is the driving, space.  

I do like the fiberglass rather than metal shell, lots of problems go away because of that.

I'm giving serious thought to looking in to a smaller(shorter) shuttle bus and converting to that.