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Full Version: incouraging read
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I thought this was a neat little article which fit very nicely on this here forum...

feel free to delete if this is a repost of this article.
It was new to me and I liked it. Thanks!
Awesome read!Big Grin I haven't read his list yet so I'm wondering if all the tools in a bag count as 1 possession. LMAO

I've downsized by over half to be where I am---that was the hard one but it was freeing in the end. The stuff that I care about at all is just waiting to find it's new homes or around to stage the place for sale. Other than what I can carry with me---practical, pretty, or sentimental---or what I have to store for my daughter, I don't care about any of it other than keeping useful things out of the landfill. Some may end up there if expediency is needed.
That was a good, fun read. I have also blacked out in a store before, but it had nothing to do with a buying binge... 8-)
Good read, thanks! And yet another website with lots of articles to read upon... ahhhhh... Smile
Yeah....I knew there was trouble when he said he blacked out!! Tongue

I really like his ideas, but at one point he almost goes too far when he questions his toothbrush as a possession!